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Why can the English thank Louis XIV for his bits?

We are in 1686, 46 years old to the Sun King, and some clouds obscure his reign, especially as his health is deteriorating. Already suffering from measles, typhoid fever, and severe dental disease, he is now a follower of French sovereignty that attracts everyone’s attention … and for good reason he suffers from fistula, A pus in his buttocks.

There is no other option, you have to operate, but this surgery is very dangerous and can lead to death King of the Sun.. Suffice it to say that the surgeon in charge of this important task did not lead far. After training on less sensitive fistulas, he had a few deaths, and on November 18 he had a cut of the abscess. Without anesthesia, Louis XIV Not the comfortable type.

Relief, surgery is successful. It lasted for 3 hours, during which a song was sung Madame de Mindenon, King’s Wife, official court composer Lully and Madame de Brin for the lyrics. His title: May God protect our king, In English: God save the king.

During the Versailles voyage, Handel listened to the song and, after falling in love with it, presented it to the King of England. George 1, In which he is a regular composer. Apparently Handel is careful not to mention that he has completely pumped the air of those whose words he has translated. The British King loves it so much that he decided to play it at all his official ceremonies and make it the official English anthem. One God save the king Upon coming to the throne of Queen Victoria, is God save the queen.

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