June 19, 2024


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Skills for mastering English at the end of high school

There is more to studying a discipline than just going around a knowledge project. Throughout high school, you specialize in each subject. Literally and verbally, L’Etudiant takes what you need to master in English at the end of your final year.

Leaving high school is not just about the knowledge in your school luggage. In English, Level B2 is required, regardless of your subject. A position that gives you the freedom to travel easily and to exchange verbally and verbally without much difficulty. You will be asked if you need English language training in your professional field. Before entering “Fluent English” in your CV, you should check some skills.

Skill 1: Analyze documents in depth

Understanding a text and its nuances is expected in English at the end of high school. “Find basic information (Nature of the text, location of the story, etc.) and Analyze the psychology of the characters“, Details Marinette Faerber, English teacher at Olympie-de-Gouges High School, Noisy-Le-Sec (93).

As Catherine Hernandez, an English teacher at Auguste-Pavi High School in Queengham (22), underscores, “realizing intuition” ensures the necessary level of understanding.

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Skill 2: Build your arguments

The author of Seine-Saint-Denis insists that “your ideas must be logical and put together”, whether in writing or verbally. English pack tests usually allow you to check yourself Ability to structure your ideas through “an introduction, development and decision”.

Which helps you Make your argument, They are connecting words like ‘beginning’ or ‘end’, says Catherine Hernandez. So write it rather than ‘.

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After attaching the shape, you should be uniform in meaning Express your opinion and your original character. Catherine Hernandez says: A good copy “shows confidence, handles humor and jokes and surprises us”.

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Skill 3: Mastering grammar

As you practice English, your dictionary and grammar will be enriched. Now you can “Build complex sentences, they are not simply semantic-verb-complete”, The Breton author mentions, especially sentences that express “cause, effect, or comparison.”

If your condition is still weak at this point, you may learn some useful expressions. During your graduate studies, you should write emails and cover letters. The expression “looking forward” can end a letter, “with regards”, an email. Avoid misunderstood “kissing” and “pleasure”.

To remove any misunderstandings in conversation or writing, It is necessary to master the synchronization of times. “If you write a letter, the present tense is greater than the past tense and correct,” Marinette Faerber creates, but in an argument, you will use “present tense and present tense”.

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