June 18, 2024


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Slimane explains why he won’t sing in English at Eurovision 2024

Slimane explains why he won’t sing in English at Eurovision 2024

Slimane at Eurovision 2024 rehearsals.

Video – The singer will propose to represent France in the European competition my dearDescription in Molière’s language.

Just a few hours before the start of the 68th edition of Eurovision. Nemo with title code Bookmakers’ Favorite. Slimane will represent France.

The singer, who was discovered on “The Voice” in 2016, had a series of hits and duets with Vita until he became our candidate for the European competition this year. “We hope this year will be great with the great artist Slimane”President Emmanuel Macron even announced it during his state visit to Sweden last February.

Slimane himself will perform my dear. “In life, I believe we have no regrets when we do things with our heart. For me, that’s very important, I don’t want to do a song in a ‘I’m going to see all the songs I’ve won’ mode.”He comments on our colleagues’ microphones BFMTV Written by Yaakov Salah and Meir Salah, the song was written by the singer himself.

I aim for a place of pride


“I tried to be myself and I think I should be loved for who I am as an artist. I wanted to show who I am and it should be a song like me”specifies who “urgent” To perform in Malmö. “I’m like a runner in the starting peloton, who wants to get there and who’s waiting for the ride”He describes.

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“I’m aiming for a place of pride, I want to be proud of myself, I want to be proud of my team, I want to be proud of what’s left, of the video I’ll show my daughter when she grows up.”, then assures Slimane. As for his choice not to sing in English, he explains it simply: “It doesn’t necessarily excite me because I’m not bilingual.”.

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