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How to learn English quickly?

For you, does English come to cult movie lines like English? “Are you talking to me?” De Niro’s famous in Taxi Driver (1976)? Does speaking English sound like chewing gum in your mouth? Don’t panic: It is possible to learn a foreign language on sites or applications, especially with online English courses.

Learn English fast online

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It is advisableLearn a foreign language From him to a child 6 years, Or even his 3 years. With the development of social networking, teleworking and distance learning (more news with recent prisons), this is learningEnglish Online It attracts more and more people. And the little ones are not leaving. Sites designed specifically for them follow programs tailored to each age group English lessons from home, As if drowning with professors and other English-speaking students Novakit. For adults, you can find other very popular sites with a simple search on the web, but they are not Payment in general, Is being advanced in subscriptions or individually. The British Council (English Institute for Education and International Cultural Relations) offers online courses and follow-up by qualified English teachers. Some files are free, do not hesitate to go for a walk.

Best applications to learn English

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Novakit, An English language learning site for children, provides an application designed for parents so that they can schedule class hours and monitor their child’s progress. The Top 3 des applications Very popular and downloadable To learn English On his smartphone:

3 – Remember : Memories is a fun application that combines videos, games and listening, and offers courses in Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic. Winner of the 2017 Google Play I / O Awards in the “Best Application” category;

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2 – Deolingo : Deolingo, one of the most entertaining and addictive mobile apps, turns English lessons into challenges and grades into points. Pronunciation, listening, MCQ and other exercises are adjusted immediately for improvement;

1 – Chat : More serious than the previous 2, Babel is a great application for learning and improving your English, as well as about fifteen other languages. You can sign in to the website and application.

Check out the series on their original version

For all streaming fans, why not join the business happily? Check your Programs in the original version with French subtitles (You know, “VOSTFR” in your options). Missed opportunity to get started: The Lucifer’s next season, In English! This is a great solution to complement your ear to ear.Pronunciation And this Pronunciation Words, but also for the construction of sentences. You may notice some expressions similar or completely different from the French: French expression “Heavy rain with wind” Is “It rains cats and dogs” In English (i.e.: “It rains cats and dogs”).
Babel can train you in different accents such as British, American or Canadian English, depending on the subscription you choose. If you look Series in the original version, You will notice that English is sometimes very easy to understand or, conversely, completely incomprehensible. You can ask too Foreign music Favorite while reading the song. Practice listening, reading and repeating English while not only understanding the message of the song well!

In the digital age, learning a foreign language has become easier. Taking English lessons online and at home, exercising in the metro or practicing pronunciation in your car is now available to everyone. So, Ready ?