June 19, 2024


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iOS 14.5: Two new English voices for laughter, which no longer speak naturally with a female voice

With iOS 14.5, Apple is upgrading Siri – unfortunately the assistant is not in the much-anticipated place (general culture, news), but for voices. With Beta 6 Available now, English speakers have the option of selecting two new brands. Finally a little variety and diversity in this area! Siri lags behind Alexa, who amplifies guest voices Samuel L. Jackson.

Under iOS 14.5b5 // Under iOS 14.5b6

According to Tech Crunch To whom Got it According to Apple, we can expect an expansion of Siri Voices with more regional brands and accents in the coming months. This is ” Continuation of Apple’s commitment to diversity and inclusion », Explains the manufacturer, To better reflect the diversity of the world in which we live .

The rest of the world is not completely forgotten. During the initial setup of an iOS device, the computer will ask you to choose which voice to laugh at: male or female. The default voice maintains the misconception that in many countries a woman, an assistant is necessarily a woman (even a virtual one).

Listen to Sree’s New English Voices! The names of these new voices are: Aaron (1), Simon (2), Damon (3) and Nora (4).

Through this beta, Siri is incorporating Italian, Russian and Irish English into neural DTS (text-to-speech) technology, which provides the most natural phrasing of assistants’ voices in these languages. There are now 38 “voices” using this technology. Compatible with 21 languages ​​in 36 countries, Siri supports more than 25 billion requests per month for more than 500 million devices.

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