May 21, 2024


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Slimane sings “My Love” in English and Spanish (VIDEO)

Slimane sings “My Love” in English and Spanish (VIDEO)

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Slimane begins to conquer the European population. France's representative at Eurovision 2024 is in the midst of a promotional tour to defend his ballad “Mon Amor” across the four corners of Europe to garner unanimous support among national juries and Eurofans. In parallel with his solo tour, the “Cupid Tour”, the singer, who appeared on “The Voice”, puts all the opportunities on his side to unite fans of the competition, even if it excludes his country. In fact, as reported by our colleagues Parisian, Slimane is expected to give very few interviews to the French media before flying to Malmö next May. ” We went to Croatia, to Italy on Roy Uno. We are running a big European campaign. It is necessary to know Slimane in Europe as other countries can vote for Slimane. Not the French » assures Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of the French delegation.

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“I Love You I Don't Know Why”

It works! During his visit to Croatia, Slimane surprised the audience by changing his rendition of “My Love” slightly, as he added an a cappella passage he sang at the top of his lungs while walking away from the microphone. A choice that has paid off since the French song rose in the bookmakers' rankings. This weekend, the interpreter of “Chess Doi” took part in “pre-shows”, concerts organized across Europe to present Eurovision candidates. On Friday evening, Slimane was in Barcelona, ​​where the artist worked hard to woo the Catalan public. During her a cappella appearance, she performed “Mon Amor” in Spanish before an audience of several thousand. ” Te Amo, No Se Bor Kwe » Then Slimane, to a standing ovation from the public.

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“We really have opportunities”

The next day, Slimane repeated the experience, this time during a concert in London in front of 2,000 people. That is why the artist expressed his love tragedy in English: ” I don't know why I love you (…) but you keep calm “. Again, after this surprise, the public reserved a victory for Slimane! As a result, these two small interludes in Spanish and French allowed him to regain points: he has now moved up to seventh place in the bookmakers' ranking. Switzerland is the favorite with Nemo's “The Code”. , note that it never climbed higher than sixth place.

His words are simple. Foreigners understand them. Saw a lot of people singing I Always You this afternoon » explains a Swiss fan named Melissa on the microphone ParisianAppreciative comments poured in on social networks: ” It is a force of nature “,” France will win “,” We really have opportunities “,” Surprisingly, it gave me chills »… But Slimane is not done, as he will perform his title this Tuesday on the stage of “The Voice Belgium” before heading to Amsterdam for another Eurovision pre-concert. At the same time, his latest album “Chroniques d'un Cupidon” has crossed the 200,000 sales mark, and his headlining tour will stop at the Accor Arena in Paris on January 8 and 9, 2025.