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Pont-Remois' most British takes English lessons at 80

Pont-Remois' most British takes English lessons at 80

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He is one The very English of Pont-Rémois… unless it's the other way around. For more than thirty years, Michael Smith settled in Pont-Remy (Somme), where he became one of the best ambassadors.

Although “putting down his bags” is a completely inappropriate expression, man has spent a lot of time traveling over the decades. Professional tour guideHe chose Pont-Remy for its central position between Paris and London.

He wants to find Som

In recent years, Michael Smith has slowed down somewhat.

It must be said that the Covid period has passed and it coincided with death His wife is Sheila, following a long illness. “I wanted to be by his side. There was no room for talk of leaving for days,” he testifies.

With this English accent he never lost, the former Londoner declares his love for his host land.

I love more and more finding zombies that I love deeply. The walks of Amiens, after all, I go with tourists from all countries.

Michael Smith

Never thought of retirement

When it comes to international travel, this is becoming rarer. But there's no question of definitively turning the page: This year, he'll be in Scotland with two American teams.

At 80, you can't change yourself…” Retirement is not for me!“, he smiles.

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Although he spends less time in train stations or airports, Michael Smith remains a very active man.

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For months, here he gives English classes With his friend Christian Leguay from Alary. “It's pure volunteerism,” he explains.

Two friends so different, so close

The matter of friendship between the native Alerois and the adopted Pont-Remois met twenty years ago in the ranks of an association now dissolved, which had already given English lessons in the valley of the Somme.

Since then, Michael Smith laughs, the two have remained very close despite their differences.

Christian is very particular about grammar, so we start every session to please him! I tend to say that understanding yourself is the key.

Michael Smith

Courses you want to travel

Instead of confronting them, their differences are held every second and fourth Thursday of the month (“even if it falls on Christmas Day,” assures Pont-Remois with a broad smile), often in Alary.

The good humor that reigns between the two permeates the group of about ten students, most of whom are retirees.

This also gave rise to a desire to travel, which was fulfilled a few months ago First stay in England. A second was to follow in September, this time in Scotland.

Open-mindedness, sharing, the desire to discover and share… Despite the years, the enthusiasm has not left Michael Smith, who has invested so much in his adopted commune, that he assures, “has served me in unison.”

He also has a green thumb

“I'm still a part of the Twins, which is close to my heart,” continues Michael Smith. “We will welcome you soon Northern Irish footballers from DrumquanAnd we have a few surprises in store for them,” he adds with his eternal mischievous air.

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Busy, excited, full of projects… Michael Smith still makes time for his other passion, gardening. His lush garden is a true haven of peace where he likes to recharge his batteries.

“I'm in the process of completely redoing the back of my property,” he begins. There's a lot to do. But I love it, and I'm there as much as possible … “That is, when he is not on the roads, or is busy transmitting his mother tongue …

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