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Voiceover, the intimacy of the voice explored in Jean-Monet's Final Year in Mordagne-au-Perchy

Voiceover, the intimacy of the voice explored in Jean-Monet's Final Year in Mordagne-au-Perchy

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In the film Mortagne-au-Perche (Orne), Héloïse Radigue is “a philosopher and a poet” in English by Terence Malick, the author of the film. Badlands (In French wild walk), a “road movie with landscapes and animals” that the final year students of Jean-Monet High School are preparing to watch.

An ambitious project and in English

Héloïse Radigue was one of the two English teachers and set the tone for this along with her colleague Anne Devannes. Ambitious and cross-project. Sitting comfortably in red velvet armchairs, high school students listen attentively to their English teacher. Héloïse urges them to watch this film introducing Guy Desbouillons' project.


After the filmmaker's presentation and the film is over, the director of the media library takes his turn to speak, explaining his project precisely and simply.

Together with two English teachers at their high school, he will show about 12 American movies or at least 4 weeks of shows made in America.

why Something to think about Voiceover Originating in cinema in the 1970s, the intimate voice, in a word, is very important to them, to final-year teenagers on the brink of graduation and their big oral exam.

Master 2 on image didactics

To work with Jean-Monnet Youth, Guy Desbouillons will reconcile two needs: on the one hand, he is preparing his Master 2 in “Didactics of the Image”.

On the other hand, it continues the function of image education within the framework of media library. Not to mention that he had already worked with Mortagne-au-Perche high school students last year on the film's 50th anniversary. green sun.

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Make His voice heard

In this specific framework, mediation and higher studies, Guy Desbouillons continues his work with the students of two English teachers with the contract, assistance and support, “All students who enjoy the last year of high school, some of you , their last year in Mortagne-au-Perche before going to other borders. .But whether you stay or go, each of you must be Make his voice heard In his future adult life.

Terrence Malick inaugurated the event

Terrence Malick's screening kicks off the festivities and the works.

As the director of the media library says: “Some films are known, others less so and some not at all. I'm not here to show you my knowledge, especially since there's a movie I'm going to present to you that I haven't seen yet! »

And to continue: “I'm here to help you find and share a friend's advice and favorites”.

Master 2 has programmed star films like Student Badlands, Taxi Driver, Annie HallDocumentaries, art films…

Work on current topics

Films that make people think and work on current issues such as feminism, for example, have been signed by women directors in many films inscribed with the harshness of a society between the utopianism of the 1968s and the disillusionment of the 1960s. After the 70s.

Still love the pictures F for Fake By Orson Welles “The Power of the Voice in Art, the Lie of Revealing Things” or as All beauty and gore Photographer Nan Goldin talks about voice and what we see.

Guy Desbouillons is happy and his audience is attentive: “I hope you find these pictures. In the media library I am always available to chat with you and show you a video library and a DVD library of 2000 films.

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Ask yourself questions

The films students watch can be used to ask many questions, including how to integrate English language into education and how to do film education, how to make your voice heard in life before university or at the end of this year. Each person must pass a course and stand before a jury of elders.

70 high school students, 12 film screenings and 4 screenings

Guy Desbouillons will present 12 film extracts in four consecutive sessions organized on Friday afternoons for the 70 high school students affiliated with his project.

Observations follow the dialogue, questions and comments between students.

The mediation of the film and the connection between the works and the high school students amuses Guy Desbouillon.

Practical workshops in April

In April, he will organize four workshops where thirty students, the first thirty volunteers, will train. Voiceover, in English of course.

The first workshop, dedicated to Chantal Akerman, was about intimate voices in films filmed by high school students and the recording of voice-overs in English.

The second workshop will involve translating the opening of Agnes Varda's film into English and “pasting” the English text onto the director's images.

Female chewing gum After Annie Hall By Woody Allen will be the basis for the third and final workshop.

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