May 20, 2024


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Sports and English mixed Olympic meet for school and college students

Sports and English mixed Olympic meet for school and college students

Supervised by Léopold N'Guessan and Céline Oble-Morisset, English teachers at Gérard-Philipe de Chauvigny College, as well as Rémy Fournier, Élise Charron and Cindy Boncourre, school teachers in the Genêts de Valdivienne school group, nearly 110 students learned physical and sports education and English. The two companies met on the grounds of the Théâtre de Verture de Valdivien as part of a connecting sports meeting. “Together with our colleagues from Valdivien, we had the idea to put the next Olympic Games in Paris in focus and in English. For this, we organized sports activities focusing on rugby, wrestling, hammer throw and shot put.Leopold N'Gusson explains.

A moment of unity

It went well! “Each team, named with an English name in the spirit of the Olympic Games, was made up of middle school and primary school students, and our students really appreciated this small moment as it created a pleasant atmosphere. . Also, we were able to combine business with pleasure, because, as part of Erasmus, Italian colleagues attended and were able to observe the operation of a French middle school and elementary school.Emphasize teachers. “The other idea is that middle school students can benefit from the infrastructure they find in the Valdivien school, which is very practical for organizing this kind of gathering”Remy Fournier confides.

At the end of the meeting, 50 students of 6e And diploma was awarded to 60 students from CE2 to CM2. Note, however, that the Canadian team finished on the highest step of the podium ahead of Australia and Scotland, who were tied with the United States.

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