May 19, 2024


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Lézignan-Corbières: An original program for learning English

Lézignan-Corbières: An original program for learning English

70 students from Rosa-Parks Middle School participated in a cultural activity promoting the English language in collaboration with Pickles Theater Company.

Practical workshops and theater performances in English, all in English, this is an educational program led by Professor Marine Chadri with the institution's librarian, Sophie Landois-Marcoul: “Pickles Company offers an interesting form of fun and education. The vocabulary, conjugation, grammar and various expressions used in the plays are adapted to the program, with the actors speaking slowly and clearly over and over again so that the students can fully follow.“.

At the crossroads between theater and education, the company creates a shared experience between actor and youth, while strengthening the social cohesion of group and teamwork. This method of education through drama for students learning the language of Shakespeare in Belgium and France was first pioneered in the opposite direction by the Institute in Ireland for 12 years. He later staged plays in French for Irish students.

At Rosa-Parks Middle School, 5 to 70 studentse and 4e participated in the activity and enjoyed it: “We loved it all: the contact with us, the show that was so much fun, the great music with the opening of The Pink Panther and the hits of the Spice Girls. […] We had the impression of being in a film at VO […] In the morning workshops we mimed emotions in English and it was great“.