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Squid Game: Explain to the actors why the English scenes are so bad

Squid game While this has sparked interest around the world, some scenes from the excellent Korean series still raise eyebrows for more than one Internet user: the game features VIPs and takes place mainly in English.

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Bad acting, weird conversations, your tone is hardly right: Critics have been pouring in from one corner of the web to the other for weeks. Squid game These shots are, in fact, not very convincing.

Well, there will be different interpretations of these funny scenes, the privilege of governing VIPs – or rather pointing to actors with a load Squid game.

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In an interview with the British daily Defender, The three of them spoke behind the scenes of the production, and more broadly, the reality of Korean film collections can partly explain why these scenes hit us so strangely on this side of the world.

John de Michaels, who plays VIP1, explained that especially those who translate conversations from Korean into English in Korean are rarely English-speaking, meaning that some words lose a little fluidity in the process.

“It’s different for each series, but non-Korean actors often play with dialogue [l’anglais] Not native language, sometimes even through Google Translate, that would not be normal, ”Michaels points out, adding that last minute enhancement of the plate is often in the hands of the actors.

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This indicates that the actors rarely have a complete footage of the episode and that it is sometimes difficult to define the tone and feel of the series by reading only their scenes.

According to David C. Kennedy, another VIP translator, this problem was particular Squid gameFor those who include the rich audience of the deadly game, their characters have no right to any environment outside of their positions, except that they are “completely dumb” and “junk millionaires”.

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“We all wore very heavy plaster masks and sat on sofas at least 20-30 feet away from other close VIPs. We had to shout our lines vaguely in the air, which added to the weird tone of the delivery,” Kennedy said.

Other features highlighted in the interviews conducted Defender This may have affected the production of the shots, and we also notice the editing and selection of shots performed by Korean artisans who do not need to speak English, so there are not always tools to choose the best shot.

The actors interviewed did not regret participating in the filming Squid game, Even though they have become the laughing stock of some corners of the internet.

“I love Squid game. For me, this show conveys the feeling that we are a bunch of poor people who oppose each other as these giant corporations and millionaires accumulate all their wealth when they die all over the world. I think the show put it all very well, ”said John de Michaels.

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Let’s remember that Squid game It was last week With less than 111 million viewers, the series has the largest opening in Netflix history, A post on the platform.

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