April 24, 2024


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Toulouse. “Show the English you have to calculate with the French team”

Luke Lacoste, president of FFR XIII, is set to play two matches between France and England (men and women) on Saturday and the next two World Cups.

What is the purpose of this France-England?

This is important after the history of the Dragons and the Toulouse Olympics: two good matches are scheduled for Saturday at the Perfignon. From a sports perspective, it will not be easy for women. Some of them have not played like the English for two years. But there was a product with a series of employment opportunities for girls like never before. The important thing is not to reach a conclusion, but to show how determined they are and how wet the jersey will be. As for the boys, it was not easy because some of us did not show up but when they arrived, we wanted to show you the English to count with the French team. Players need to earn their place for the 2022 World Cup. You need to show tough determination for 80 minutes: that’s what I expect most.

Exactly, what is the purpose of the 2022 World Cup and how many preparatory matches will there be?

The target for men has not changed. We would have excelled in our World Cup if we had qualified for the quarterfinals. Until then, we are trying to hold a match during the international window in June and a complementary match just before the start of the World Cup.

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Where is the World Cup file that France wants to host in 2025?

The file was submitted to La Diaz (Interim Directorate for Major Sports Events). The government is looking at our file. A meeting is scheduled for November. This is great because we have a good plan. We have a significant number of incomes from local communities who want to run training camps or games. We need about 40 cities. We are talking to 79 of them.

The Elite 1 Championship has been restarted with nine teams instead of the expected twelve. How do you see the future of this championship?

The federal plan is to expand the 1st and 2nd Championship tournaments with more teams, tournaments and so on revenue. We had candidate cities for Elite 1, but their structures were very weak. The purpose of the game is not to send them to the scaffolding. We wanted to be very careful to give the clubs time to strengthen. We always want an elite 1 that goes towards 12 clubs. If necessary, we will take another year or two. Going too fast is not worth it, but of the nine clubs, we still get the best championship.

In the TV file, are there any improvements for Elite 1 and Super League?

We have a contract with Vià Occitanie to broadcast Elite 1 matches from the 3rd day. The games will also be broadcast on the CNOSF channel in France. The France-England boys and girls encounters will then be broadcast on BBC 1 and 2, Australia and France, Vià, Sport in France and L’Equipe TV on our initiative. This is a cover we have not yet had for the France team. This is the first time the rights have been obtained. About the Dragons and the TO, I hope we can offer their matches with the French team matches on the same channel. I trust this tryptic a lot. Rugby League interests.

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France-England Saturday, October 23 at 3.30pm (men) and 1pm (women) at Gilbert Brutus Stadium in Berbignon. Tickets www.ffr13.fr.