February 25, 2024


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St-Anne du Kilvinek School in English Time – Le Kilvinek

St-Anne du Kilvinek School in English Time – Le Kilvinek

For half an hour, students at the Saint-Anne du Guilvinec school received the language of Shakespeare on Friday, March 24. A weekly meeting with Clare Mercier, a former Irish teacher in Dublin and a volunteer on the Shul/Kilwynnek twinning team. “One pronunciation, one instinct to get used to” is an oral-based initiation, underlines the school’s director, Marie Renaud.

In the project, work on simple vocabulary, nursery rhymes, and action verbs. A practice that works: “Children are very easygoing and don’t hesitate to express themselves,” confirms Claire Mercier. This approach is part of the Erasmus+ program, in which Saint-Anne School participates. “There’s a lot of emphasis on this learning to better prepare them for college,” says the director. For five years, all teachers will be trained in English. On the plan: “To take a school trip to the Emerald Isle (Ireland, editor’s note) with the CM class and correspond with the school students,” the director aims. Please note that École Sainte-Anne will open its doors on Saturday, April 1.

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