June 26, 2022


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Stade Toulousain players learn English through hypnosis

“At first, I didn’t really believe it,” Thomas Ramos admits. However, five months later, the back of Stade Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) returned to English with the hypnosis method. “I started with an injury to take advantage of my spare time. I wanted to improve myself to communicate with my teammates or referees. ⁇

And to hear him say, this learning, “less education”, allowed him to progress. At the point, Against Leinster last weekend, He explained to the English referee that his clearance had been repeatedly “touched by the ball” while smiling with a southwest accent.

Three times faster language integration?

“The idea is to work on a modified state of consciousness, which allows for better learning and better memorization of foreign languages,” explains Laura Dubrat-Morlace, co-founder of Hypnoltage. The psychologist emphasizes the work done on an emotional level, “going beyond unconscious fears”, thus preventing practitioners. With about thirty minute sessions, before a hypnotic level, the integration of a language is three times faster. “But it’s not magic. You have to work hard and practice. It’s a great complement,” he says.

State Toulouse, the first professional sports club to collaborate with Hypnoltz, saw many benefits. “It’s interesting because it fits the players’ schedule. We have a lot of foreigners who want to integrate as much as possible and overcome the language barrier,” explains Pierre Bayak, the club’s quality and professional coaching manager. , Mallya and Sokopares from Argentina are the most advanced in French.

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