April 23, 2024


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Students at a college in the Hautes-Pyrénées receive a letter from their English correspondent… King Charles III himself.

Students at a college in the Hautes-Pyrénées receive a letter from their English correspondent… King Charles III himself.

In Curison, the English correspondent is called Charles III and rules over the United Kingdom. The students of Class IV (Section V) expressed their wishes to the king… and he answered them.

In Karaisan, the study of a foreign language is far from learning vocabulary and grammar. Of course, its basic concepts form the basis of the courses, but they are often supplemented by the study of the country, the way of life of its citizens, the broad contours of its history and its political-administrative system. The site is constantly being edited.

Another unusual connection finding: Last December, middle school students in Mary-Andre Sanders' class were being taught by their English teacher about the English royal family when some of them, along with the whole class, came up with the idea. Wrote to the King of England.

Their project was accepted by their teacher. Indeed, it was a demanding, educational and extraordinary opportunity for practical training. Marie-Andre Saunders invited each middle school student to write their letter. The best ones are sent to the king. The criteria is that the English should be correct in both form and content, and the writing should be beautiful.

After a collaborative discussion with their teacher, the students decided that the letter written by Manon Ruiz was the best in the class. On December 9, it was released to the attention of sovereigns across the Channel. The missive wished him “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” from Karaisonian youth. After more than two months, to the great delight of the college students, they got an answer. It came from the king; He said he was sensitive to their attention and in turn, wished them Happy New Year 2024. Of course, this letter is now carefully preserved in the academy.

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Cambridge “PET”

Another way to improve their English is, on a voluntary basis, students can take one-hour lessons a week with Marie-Andre Saunders, who prepares them for the PET (Preliminary English test), a diploma offered by the University of Cambridge. . It consists of two sessions: oral and written.

Examiners are professors who come specially from Cambridge to audition candidates. This diploma is recognized worldwide, among administrations and private companies. Garrison has been offering this opportunity for over fifteen years. There are about fifteen entries each year.