June 29, 2022


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Super League: Catalan dragons want to be sovereign against the English

Dragons carried by six players of His Gracious Majesty welcome the British from Huddersfield this Friday, June 3 (8:30 pm) in Berbignon. Undefeated in the league on their soil this season, the Catalans want to push back their British rivals who did not travel to celebrate their Queen’s Platinum Day.

At the start of the season all the coaches and players have the same speech. Make their playground an immovable fortress. Throughout their history, dragons have never been defeated by their predecessors. At best in 2021 and 2015, they suffered two defeats, not to mention two defeats in the 2020 season with only six encounters at Perbignon. In 2022 the vintage of the Catalan Dragons chased away the six British forces that had presented themselves at the gates of the Brutus. If Wakefield competed (24-22), TO and KR opposed (18-10). On the other hand, Wigan dusted off (28-0) like Castleford (44-12) and Warrington (40-8). We will voluntarily exclude deletion from the Brutus Cup against the Saints (36-20). “We’ve talked about it among ourselves, we always want to win at home and there, and it’s starting to do that. We will make every effort to win the remaining seven matches.Capt. Benjamin Garcia, who spoke again at the end of the joint session on Thursday, June 2, promises. Under the good rain of Gilbert-Brutus, the players were in a thirty-five minute chain that revised the general principles of their game. “Building a team is a headache”Thomas Bosque agrees, while Matthieu Laguerre “Enjoy the moment and the reality of playing every weekend” Without asking “Questions”. So the player maintained his position as a three-quarter centerpiece under the competitive game and Samisoni Longi recovered from a knee injury.

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Dragons guaranteed protection are in their defense. “We have to make sure every weekend. Our defense has beaten us again this season, and we all know you have to be very talented at this level to get to the end, but that does not mean we’re forgetting the rest and the fact that the game has to offer.Thomas Bosk, who did a lot of work on the evening opponent, continues. “It’s complete and, like Saint-Helens, they are putting strong defensive pressure around a big line climb. We are preparing for that, and it’s going to be a new big test..

Like Saint-Helens, they exert strong defensive pressure

Without Josh Trinwater, Julian Pusket and Dean War, the Dragons would fully present themselves to carry out the announced siege and try to defend the green rectangle of Gilbert-Brutus from British attacks. In Huddersfield, if the packages include Phages, Hill, Wilson, Yates and Ikahihifo, Ian Watson – who was voted coach for May – will be jumping on the bandwagon with Lance Lolohia and Chris McQueen. The latter, who was announced as the finalist of the trophy last Saturday (defeat against Wigan), announced in the passages of the weekly League Express: “We will win as a team, we will lose as a team and no one will point to anyone else. We will act as a team in Catalans on Saturday..

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The English invader, who wants to get back to a point behind the Catalan Dragons this Friday evening, also dreams of becoming the first team of the season to pass the Brutus stages as winners.

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Steve McNamara and his boys are warned, horoscopes are planted. The game that officially kicks off the second part of the season is also the venue for this meeting.

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