November 28, 2023


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Teaching English in Primary School: New Guidelines Ready

Teaching English in Primary School: New Guidelines Ready

English language teaching is based on a communicative approach that develops students’ oral and written comprehension based on dialogue and listening.

The directives of the Ministry of National Education to implement the new decision to teach English language from the fourth year of primary school have now been sent to the education directors of all the provinces of the country.

A ministerial note dated August 21 sets the weekly timetable at one-and-a-half hours, with 45 minutes for each subject.

In its note, the ministry also recommends scheduling these sessions outside of French to avoid knowledge confusion for students. The teaching model is based on a communicative approach, which involves dialogue and listening to develop students’ oral and written comprehension. The book of this subject is already ready, as per the ministerial note, along with the guidebook assigned for the teacher. This guide follows the same guidelines, with audio support to enhance listening.

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