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The best moveset for Agron in Pokemon Go and is it good?

The best moveset for Agron in Pokemon Go and is it good?

This is an overview of the best moveset for Steel/Rock-type Pokemon Aggron in Pokemon Go, including recommendations for moves and whether this creature has any meta relevance.

Introduced in the Hoenn Region, Aggron is the final evolutionary form of the Steel/Rock-type Pokémon Aron.

Aggron is known to be a tanky Pokemon but is powerful in the home console games. However, how does Agron stand up to the competition in the mobile game Pokemon Go?

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Here’s a breakdown of how Aggron appears in Pokemon Go.

Best moveset for Agron in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players should equip Aggron with Smack Down as a fast move, with Meteor Beam and Heavy Slam as charged moves.

Smack Down doesn’t have the highest DPS or EPS for fast movement per view PokeBattlerbut gets the coveted STAB bonus.

As with Smack Down, Meteor Beam is a Rock-type move that Aggron can get a STAB bonus from. Heavy Strike, a Steel-type move, gives Agron some versatility.

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All the moves that Aggron can learn in Pokemon Go

Here’s an overview of all the moves Agron can learn in Pokemon Go:

Fast movements

  • dragon tail (dragon)
  • iron tail (steel)
  • SmackDown (Rock)
  • water spray)

Charged moves

  • stone edge (rock)
  • Rock tomb (rock)
  • Thunder (electric)
  • Slam (steel)
  • return (normal)
  • meteor beam (rock)
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Is Agron good?

In terms of PvP, one can do better than Aggron in Pokemon Go.

Aggron is best suited for Ultra and Master League, since the fact is that there are many Pokemon that can outmatch it. However, it is interesting to note that this creature ranks better in the latter despite the presence of legendary and pseudo-legendary like Metagross within the meta.

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for every PvPokeAggron is ranked #348 in Ultra League as of November 2023. Her Shadow counterpart is ranked #364. But in Master League, XL Aggron is ranked #242 in the meta.

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