July 21, 2024


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The British console themselves with a bronze medal

The British console themselves with a bronze medal

From our special correspondent at Stade de France – England beat Argentina (26-23) in Friday’s World Cup final at Stade de France. Incongruously, the Pumas couldn’t get their hands on this encounter. Morbid before this World Cup, England ended it with a bronze medal around their neck, giving them hope for the future.

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3 minutes

Seven weeks later, the reunion between Argentina and England at this World Cup took place in a very different setting. The two teams clashed in the group stage in Marseille on a beautiful summer evening, this time at the Stade France, Friday October 27, challenging each other in the humidity and cold to take part in the mini-final of this World Cup. . But the name of the winner did not change, England won the third place in this match (26-23).

For this encounter, the English opted to make eight changes compared to the team that lost to South Africa (15-16) in the semi-finals, compared to three for Argentina as they sought to wash away the shame of their opening defeat against England. (10-27) and to finish, in 2007, on the podium of the World Cup.

Their plans came in the first quarter of an hour against a dominant and eager XV De La Rose, who scored 13 points through two penalties and a try from third line center Ben Earl. The Argentinians suffered from the win and were unable to carry out their offensive moves. There are too many mistakes and this little finale lacks rhythm.

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The public, who are mostly in favor of cougars, are less likely to get excited. He wakes up at 36e A big Argentine attack minute in the English camp. The forwards scrambled before Emiliano Boffelli’s successful conversion and scrum-half Tomas Cubelli managed to get over the line to bring Argentina to 8-16.

Pumas are very confusing

At the start of the second period, the Argentinians quickly got back into the game after a good effort from fly-half Santiago Carreras played against the England defence. Boffelli secures the conversion and the Argentines take the lead for the first time in the encounter (17-16).

They were in front less than two minutes later when the same Carreras were halted on his 22m by young hooker Theo Tan, who scored a try between the posts, with Owen Farrell (23-17) winning the conversion.

The Pumas did not give up and soon reinvested the English camp. Their efforts are rewarded with a penalty awarded by Boffelli (23-20). “Argentina Argentina” descends from the stands to carry them through this final half hour of play. Confused and clumsy, they waste good ammunition and allow the British to stay ahead.

Argentina’s management opted to field veterans such as hooker Agustin Greavy, who, at 38 years and 7 months, honored his 108th selection in a Pumas jersey. Another veteran stood out ten minutes after Nicolás Sanchez played, bringing the Argentines to within 3 points in the 67th minute (26-23).

The same Sanchez had a chance to equalize for Argentina with a penalty in the 75th minute. But the ball goes past the poles. Despite Argentina’s fury in the final five minutes, the score would never change again. The British won 26 to 23, thus ending this 2023 edition with an almost unexpected bronze medal. Few observers actually believed that this XV de la Rose had been mishandled in this year’s Six Nations tournament. But England hang on and, as in 2019, remain the highest-ranked European team at the World Cup.

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