July 23, 2024


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“The English are masters of wonderful literature”

“The English are masters of wonderful literature”

Anne-Marie Perro, a great writer. She will sign this Saturday.

Founded in Alles for ten years, Anne-Marie Perroe comes from a parent-teacher background and holds a master’s degree in English translation and has lived in several countries. He will sign at the Maison de la Press this Saturday the 14th August, 9 p.m. H 30 to 12 H 30.

You published news in 7 editions, Dreams and traps, An autofix Glass particles, A novel, Portrait of the shadow And a story, Enchanted noodles. Fantastic literature only, why?

As we begin to shift from ordinary situations to human characters facing extraordinary, non-human events, that choice leaves the reader wondering whether or not to follow through. It allows distance, so inside Glass particles, Or I had a baby alone, I told about a real experience through an imaginary conversation between the three protagonists, the pregnant woman, the unborn child and fate.

You offer today Invisible audience

It is an adaptation of the wonderful short stories by Anglo-Saxon authors. This is not a word-for-word translation, some twists of the phrase have been changed. The English are great writers. They like the associated fall. I admire, like them I like to find the unexpected fall, not the banal alternative. So, I would like to rewrite my collection of short stories published in 2015 and now unprinted.

I started with things that were in my drawer or unfinished from childhood experiences, but I want to find the best offers. Besides, today, I don’t want to start writing until I have a vision. Then I look at the characters and the action.

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Have you been writing since your teens?

I lived a kilometer away from school and when I got home, I had writing in my head and I had to write it down. I provided eight pages, the others only one and a half! I write by hand, early in the morning; I switched to the computer after breakfast. I adhere to this discipline. I do documentary research when I am not writing.

Do you like going out to meet people?

I love dedication, which is hotter than salons, for those who come to bookstores and like to read. I also propose to write a book of people’s memories respecting their experiences and their story plans. Why? For whom? In what form?

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