June 16, 2024


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Why do Anglo-Saxons find our pronunciation so beautiful?

Survey – Anglophones prefer our French accent. Are they representations of language? For our difference in pronunciation?

Pronunciation. Chasing him, he comes back at a pace. Often, during conversation in English, we want to censor ourselves for fear of being ridiculed. English lessons and scary oral passages in front of a fun class are in our memories. We shake our heads and we are quiet. Finally, if we dared to speak, we would have taken the time to turn the words fifty times in our head to correct our sentence. This is what we consider ourselves ridiculous in English. We like to hide our accent. Now, that’s a shame, because precisely because he’s the one who charms us. Anglophones are crazy about this little French brand.

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First, linguist and writer Jean Brewst explained that pronunciation is the most important component of the English language. The story of the French language (Talent). “The tool that separates us from them when we distinguish ourselves by our careful focus on spelling

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