June 19, 2024


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Future Hunter: With Tempest, and unlike the French, “the English knew where they were going”

Inevitably, “Group temperature“In advance, London signaled the start of the first installment of 250 250 million (in two billion pounds) to BAE Systems in late July to begin the design and development phase.

Now, Rome has formalized its first investment in this sixth-generation aviation project. According to them Multi-year program document (DPP), released on August 4, Italian authorities will pay two billion euros in tempest in fifteen years. However, the investment will start with a moderate contribution of 60 million euros for the period 2021-2023.

In late December, the British, Italian and Swedish defense ministers agreed at the political level on the design and joint development of this sixth generation fighter jet. It will replace the RAF and the Italian Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoons and Swedish Griffins by 2035.

British shadow grows in Franco-German SCAF

Although the French, Germans and Spaniards and their Future Air Warfare Organization (SCAF) are one step ahead of schedule for now, the threat of competition posed by the British plan is becoming clear. After several months of political-industrial crisis in which the French were supposed to be the project manager of the project, the Germans were always demanding more in terms of changing leadership and technology, SCAF did not escape an accident, despite the green light Bundestag.

At the end of June, during its last full meeting before the parliamentary elections across the Rhine in September, the German delegation made clear the continuation of the plan, the development of an air demonstrator. However, this measure does not really exist At least verified By Berlin. In exchange for the ில்லியன் 4.5 billion envelope, Bundestock will give only one-third, subjecting the rest to future majority conditions. Suffice it to say that the Franco-German conflict is not over. In terms of collaboration, we looked better.

As if that were not enough, from Berlin, the Commander-in-Chief of the German Air Force discusses directly with his British and Italian counterparts. Possible link between the two projects Air Warfare, he contacted the American weekly magazine in mid-July Security News.

Despite being in Paris, we say Let go “Open door To the British, to use the words of the DGA, the disappointment would be considerable. In fact, these two competition programs created on both sides of the channel were originally a Franco-British project, which was sad for the Germans. The redistribution of the cards between all countries and the industrial partners of SCAF and FCAS will probably not give the French the pride of place, especially since in 2017 they slammed the door in the face of the French. English.

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“Germany must be presented”

As a reminder, two months after Emmanuel Macron was elected to the Elysee Palace, the French president and Angela Merkel announced the launch of several joint weapons programs, at the end of the Franco-German Council of Ministers.Create a European air combat systemNot surprisingly. In fact, it was expected that the French and British 2018 SCAF demonstrator would start growing from the Amin Summit in March 2016.

Since the Lancaster House deals signed in 2010, both sides of the channel have been working with Raphael and Eurofighter to develop a war drone (UCAV) that is a question of modernization. This industrial collaboration quickly gained solid results through NEUROn demonstrators in Dassault and Tanaris at BAE Systems.

In Paris, if we blame the British for allegedly having budget problems, it is difficult not to see on the Elysee side the political will that adds pride to the Franco-German couple. Brexit. Three months after we started, Theresa May, at the beginning of the procedure and negotiations for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, Emmanuel Macron explained to London a particularly harsh line.

Germany must be put forward not to be sidelined2, Appraisals for his role are near General Vincent Presbyterian General (2) Sputnik. ⁇France no longer had the status quo in Europe, This researcher is associated with the Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS). However, considering themselves marginalized, it was not long before the British response came. In July 2018, at the Farnborough Airshow, London announced the launch of its own future fighter aircraft system project.

Ten years ago, when companies, including IRIS, began asking Raphael to work in the post-war period, we were not only told that it was better to work with the British or Swedes, but not with the Germans or the Spaniards in particular, the General remembers. We are rationalists based on industrial and operational capabilities, not stock market financiers.

In fact, in his view, Britain “France is the only country that can cooperate at the highest level“With”Skills that can truly complement our potential“And Whose Engagement Rules”Relatively similarTo the French forces. Rules “Square»:They are not obligated to appeal to the Bundestack that they have the right to shoot with a gun», He teases.

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With Germany, did France bet on the wrong horse?

And with good reason. The Germans, unlike the French, do not present their armed forces in foreign theaters, but impose their own rules. The latest European News drone program is a clear example. For Berlin, there was no question of Eurotron taking up arms: a major disappointment for Paris, who finally hoped to support its forces on the ground without the American Reaper.

In the 1990s, a similar situation existed when defining the general operational requirements for the future A400M Atlas. Here again, Germany was able to impose its demands on all other partners. Thus, with its counter-measures and its ground surveillance system, the European military transport device is designed to penetrate the air at very low altitudes, much like a ground attack device. Very secure enemies. Pure waste in the eyes of General Priest, “This money may have been used for very useful purposes“Daily”Refueling helicopters, such as falling from side doors», He regrets. “The Germans like things that are more efficient, but it certainly does not want to use them in the event of killing people.», Laughs the French officer.

Earlier, in the early 1980s, during negotiations on an earlier common European aircraft, the Eurofighter project, France knocked on the door in response to German demands to build its own Rafale. Since Germany had no aircraft carrier or atomic bomb, Berlin refused to build an aircraft capable of landing or nuclear charging. In short, this Germany is disconnected from operational realities, and its budget does not seem to be the best partner for France to implement the SCAF, let alone Orthodoxy.

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As for Spain, part of the project’s recent arrival and defense sector is now part of Airbus’ German branch, and the IRIS researcher is not particularly optimistic:

“The Spaniards have made progress, but they are very responsible for the setbacks of the A400M. They come from a distance. […], An aeronautics industry that will not be discovered in ten years, ”says General Presset.

So all three will die hard against BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce.Excellent design offices and companies with a good industrial culture, British branches Leonardo and MPDA, not to mention Swedish competition. The Scandinavian kingdom can truly boast of being part of a more restricted circle of European nations capable of building a warplane.Neither the Italians, nor the Germans, nor the Spaniards themselves are talentedJean Vincent Pressett insists.

In short, according to our spokesman, if it is too soon to determine the veracity of the French choice, one thing is certain: “Unlike the latter,”The English knew where they were goingWith Tempest, in which they retain project management. Therefore it will have every chance to see the light.