May 30, 2024


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Introduces Codex software that translates English into computer code in OpenAI private beta

Codex Artificial Intelligence, capable of translating English into computer code, was released by OpenAI in July. The startup has refined its structure. August 10 She made the codex available in private beta.

Simple English algorithms became the code

Create a simple webpage? A basic game. Ask what you want in English and translate it into different computer languages? This is the promise of OpenAI’s new AI, Codex. In a nearly 30-minute presentation video, OpenAI demonstrated the capabilities of its algorithm.

Halfway through the demo, Greg Brockman, co-founder of CTO and OpenAI, shows that he manages the movement of a human portrait in a variety of ways on screen and without writing a single line, after typing in English, with a series of instructions code

The software is very perfect because Greg Brockman explained On the edgeIt already takes programmers and people who take on a lot of hard work “What he does best is the second part of this project.” Map these small pieces into an existing code, regardless of library, function, or API .

Codex is a machine learning model GPT-3 tool, OpenAI’s Authorized Language Generation AI. It has an appetite for Python, but 12 programming languages ​​are supported.

OpenAI has already tested a later version of the codex

An earlier version was used GitHub Copilot. Acted as Codex Programming Assistant. The lines of the code are written and Kabilot completes them. They are completed by some standard formulas or a system similar to the Gmail system that is widely used by the user.

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However, Cupid faced criticism. He was criticized for the way he set up GitHub, So codex, raise copyright issues. This is not specifically for commercial use by developers or by using open source code. Greg Brockman responded at this point On the edge, New technology is coming, we need this discussion, and there will be things we do that have great feedback in the community, we will take feedback and do it differently. .

Codex is currently coded as a free API, but users will be charged for access. Meanwhile, developers inspired by OpenAI’s presentation are invited to subscribe to the site’s waiting list to present their ideas with Cortex.