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The “English bitumen” scam is back

The “English bitumen” scam is back

This is an event that returns every year. This scam coming from across the channel is on the rise in France. In February 2020, it was Eisenhower Gendermary Had already warned the French. This time, as pointed out L‘Union, followers of the “bitumen scandal” have been found in Marne, near Reims. According to The Voice of the North, They are said to have died in the Nord field, Brice. The authorities are asking with great caution.

The Modus Operandi will always be the same. Fraudsters canvass individuals to volunteer to do tar work at a very attractive price. But when it comes time to pay, the bill becomes too salty. To make matters worse, this is often substandard tar, which will decompose with rain. According to Marne Gendermary’s message on Facebook, they were seen in the field several times. A man approached the manager of a champagne house, who allegedly offered him extra work. Realizing the corruption he wanted to deny.

[ALERTE ESCROQUERIE] Recent In recent days, the “English patriarchs” scam has been reported several times …

Posted by Marne’s Gendermary Ann Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Police force victims to do three things. Contact Gendermary immediately to try to stop the fraudsters or mark their license plate and note the number of individuals and the time of the intervention. Last year, Eisenhower Gendermary insisted that cheaters “don’t hesitate”[aient] Not threatening to get paid for their service. “Two weeks ago, authorities also issued a warning in Toronto. France Blue. What to promote the biggest warning everywhere in France.

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