June 18, 2024


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Chernobyl on the M6: Why the series in English?

The biggest TV shock when it aired on HBO in 2019 is coming to France on the “Chernobyl” M6. The mini-series looks back to the 1986 nuclear drama, which, despite being very loyal, features English-speaking actors. Why this choice?

Shock Chernobyl

The series industry has been offering excellent titles Chernobyl Obviously something. We would even say that it is at the top of the basket of what TV has released in the last decade. This creation Craig Machine Income as its title suggests in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. April 26, 1986, The plant’s Reactor 4 explodes and compiles a play into memoirs and history books.

The series enters the gut of this catastrophe, and most importantly, then, has all the consequences. She does it Massive severity In the description of events, when drawing the most admirable portrait of the Soviet government. The latter is shown to be an attempt to reduce the facts, as people die in horrific circumstances. Chernobyl It attracts you from the beginning to the end with sinless re-creation and strong intentions.

Chernobyl © HBO

Choice of English language

Failed to call a detail: English speaking actors. Strange choice for a series of events in the Soviet Union. Logic dictates that it is used especially in the Russian language Chernobyl Praised for its realism. But it is understandable that English should be used for a project co-produced between Great Britain and the United States. Make sure to reach as many people as possible.

Director Johann Renk Explained In the video of BAFTA TV sessions The question of language was raised during the writing. Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​were considered, but English won. Besides, there is no question in asking the actors to accept the humorous Russian accent to try to cut the pear in half. For his part, Craig Machine explained during the promotional tour in 2019 (viaExpress) Why English was clear:

In my view, any country wants to do a show in its own language.

If we do it in another language, we restrict it to those who speak that language, so we do not. There is a disconnect and we felt we were going to get better performances from actors we could connect with.

If this detail is noticed first, we will not notice it anymore when we go. There is no doubt that this fact was not noticed by the Russians who were far from being big fans Chernobyl. At home, the broadcast led to a controversy, some people heard itThey are blocked from the small screen.

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