June 19, 2024


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Hockey in English, I like it | Press

I would like to offer my opinion in response to the column Hockey, in English, please! De Hugo Dumas1.

Guy Lepin

Guy Lepin

The argument is based on two facts that legally free webcast is only available in English for those who do not subscribe to cable, and that CBC is the only channel that provides broadcasting at extra cost to those who do not subscribe to cable. Who are the subscribers. As a cable subscriber, allow me to come up with another perspective, such as Francophone, bilingual, extreme hockey amateur and paying extra to get broadcasts in French on RDS and TVA sports.

A year ago, I switched from listening to hockey from French to English for the evenings (hence the Saturdays and playoffs of the season) that aired on TVA Sports. The quality of the program on TVA Sports has already suffered from unfavorable comparisons with its French-speaking rival RDS, but the gap has widened further compared to Sportsnet-CBC’s program, which in my view. Vue, a fierce competitor of an RDS, despite the language.

The quality of Sportsnet-CBC’s show is evident from the pre-game period, the pan-Canadian snapshot of the teams playing that night. Yes, it felt like a bias to Toronto, but less intense than the French language projects towards the Canadians since the Nordics exit. Since their audience is Pan-Canadians, there is certainly a moral obligation to do so.

On SportsNet-CBC, the brief introduction during the games (especially at the end of the season playoffs) is interesting and above all different for each game, with the declared option of sometimes nostalgia and above all emotional sprinkling.

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The duo in the description are of a higher quality and certainly more objective than the DVA Sport, and the live analysis during the match is reasonable and relevant.

The main difference is played during analyzes during breaks. One of the best things that could have happened on the show was that Don Cherry was sacked and he was replaced internationally for many years by a team with a variety of backgrounds such as a former NHL Goldtender, a newly retired NHL player and two former Canadian players. The latter brings about obviously different dynamics and pays homage through their proper analysis. A special note for Kevin Pixa, the latest experience in the league provides the best angle of analysis.

Therefore, in order to fully understand the trend of converting the audience for hockey games from French to English, webcasting and additional costs are more than explanations. Each level has the highest quality of the project.

1. Read Hugo Dumas’ passage