June 18, 2024


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Road, alley or avenue? Dictocar’s hilarious English language goes viral

When Amitabh Bachchan’s character in the 1982 Bollywood blockbuster Namak Halal said this, he did not lie that “English is a funny language”. Now a dictator video maker is exploding the internet by showing the funny nature of language. A comedian with the username stage_door_johnny on Dictoc and Instagram regularly posts short but fun conversations with him in which he questions the use of specific words and then responds to their jokes.

On the latest viral Instagram reel, he can be seen questioning a word for the path that connects the two points. “A road,” he responds to his other character. “Awesome! It’s easy,” he sighed. Interestingly, soon his other character mentions that if there were buildings in it, it would be called a street. If there were more trees, call it an avenue. “” The other character responds: “Okay. Both. He asks again that he thought the road with the buildings was just a street.” Or an Avenue, “responds to his other character.” “And he seems to be trying to figure it out when his other character is added.” “Yes,” he replied to the other character, recalling adding another French word, “If the road ends at a dead end, I would like to call it a gul-de-sock. Inspired by the new fancy word f he asks what it means, to which, the other character responds, «dead end. Angered by the hurtful word, he argues, “You can’t call it that.” His other character said, “End! “

Internet users consider the video to be hilarious. One user commented, “I laughed so hard, I spit on my phone. Another Instagram user thanked me for introducing the comedian. The interested linguistic user found the fun challenge appropriate. They wrote: “My customers often look at me and laugh. But for the wrong reasons.

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What is your experience with the difference in English language?

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