June 18, 2024


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Top 10 English Grand Prix Drivers – Part 1

Though brilliant nowadays, the English were once number one at the Motorcycle Grand Prix. The Anglo-Italian rivalry of the 1950s was the most beautiful introduction to the World Cup, before any media broadcast. In 70 years, the country marked the history of this game. Currently, only Italy and Spain perform better in the number of titles. We are back with a new top 10! It’s time for classification.

In each version (we have already handled French, Honda Riders, The Japanese, Australians 2) Let’s remember the rules. First, it is important to understand that these top 10 are subjective, however, based on facts and the observation that one can qualify as a goal. So some investments are questionable, so feel free to express yourself in the comments! As usual, everything is read with interest.

The goal of this exercise is to celebrate, to codify, rather than to be categorized. In addition, the main criterion is not the inherent speed, but the size, the mark left by the pilot in the story. A title at 500cc Naturally worth more than a crown 250 cc., But it is conquest and heart.

One last little clarity. These are pilots only Grand Prix motorcycles, Super bikes And road races are not taken into account. Carl Focardi There was no doubt that he had a natural ability to get into the top 10, but his G.P. The results alone did not allow him to be in the debate. Is everything alright? So let’s go!

Focardi is polarizing for a top 10 Superbike ride. Photo: GDFL

In this first part, we will start with some cool notes. This number is huge, telling you that not all can be quoted, among other things, world champions Danny Kent, Dave Simmonds, Bob Foster, Rodney Gold, Ron Haslam, Sauce Mortimer or Freddie Firth, Although their overall track record is very low. Come on, we can even mention Scott Redding, To delight his many fans.

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You may have noticed it, but “Brits” are rare in the meadows. In the MotoGP era (since 2002), only a few have been successful James Dosland.

We know you will wait later, but Call Crutchlow Is already making its appearance. Of course, English wins in the Queen categories are very rare 21st century, But there are plenty of handsome men to pass him by. This character certainly marked the 2010 decade by his strong character, and his tongue was associated with the hangbar stroke.

Bill Ivy Was much closer to the tenth place than the foot. “ Small Bill Le, the legendary driver, distinguished himself with the 125cc World Champion title in the 1960s (1967), and many shows in the smaller categories. Myth Yamaha, He crossed the swords with his team Bill Reid, Then we can see in the rankings …

Bill Ivy, another hero who left very quickly. Photo: Raymond Gomer

His rockstar face And his precision driving increased his popularity among fans, but the 500cc was missing as part of the final selection. For information, he sadly disappeared Satchenring In case 1969 East German Grand Prix, 26 years old.

That’s all for today! Who are the 10th and 9th best English pilots in history? ? See you tomorrow, at the same time to find out!

Photo: Michelin Motorsport