June 22, 2024


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The English broadcast talent for the LFL season 2022 has been released

The Northern Arena, the Canadian company responsible for the English cast of the French League of Legends, has revealed a variety of talent for commenting on the LFL Season 2022 matches.

LFL enters a new dimension in 2022

Kick off 2022 LFL Season, The French League of Legends, is scheduled for Wednesday, January 12th. The 10 French structures competing for the French Championship title for the 2022 season will return to the Summoners division with the aim of not only winning the French Championship, but also qualifying for both of the next editions of the European Masters. The LFL welcomes two new teams next season, Team Oplon and the Mirage Elyandra roster. By finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in the playoffs of the 2021 season, they both qualified for the promotional competition of the LFL 2022 season; They came without much difficulty to defeat their opponents in this match and took place in the first division.

Another great novelty of this 2022 season is the appearance of English actors. The project was handed over to Northern Arena, a Canadian company affiliated with Mirage Eliandra, which appeared in LFL following its acquisition of Eliandra’s slot. Founded in 2016 by Carl-Edwin Michael, North Arena focuses primarily on creating sites for online leagues and live events. In a recent interview with Webedia’s Sports Director Bertrand Amar, the latter made it clear that LFL has international aspirations; This important premiere will be meticulously explored from the side of the video because if successful, it could generate significant financial benefits not only for the league but also for the teams.

Possible, it will clearly change the dimension of the league! When looking for partners, sponsors for the league, etc., we need to realize that we are in the French communications budget. Whereas, once you get an international audience like LEC, Blast on CS or any other international competition, this is another type of budget. International marketing budgets are huge. Taking into account the fact that a good portion of the revenue is redistributed in the ecosystem, in teams, if international audiences explode, it will be an additional income for everyone. This could really boost the LFL over the next few years. We must follow the international success of the LFL very closely
Bertrand Amar – Full interview

A few days before the kick-off, the Northern Arena hosted various members of the Broadcast Talent who commented on the matches of the French League of Legends this season, especially the European cast revealing that there are two great personalities in the LEC. , Mark Robert “Cadrell” Lamond and Aaron “Medical” Chamberlain. For those who are not comfortable with Shakespeare’s language, LFL will be broadcast live and live, and in French, OTP chain. Karmine Corp – Misfits Premier Meeting for the remake of the LFL Summer Split 2021 Final, we will meet you on January 12 at 6pm on the first game of the 2022 season.

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