June 19, 2024


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Titles in French, please

Media: Headlines in French please

The Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) is not pleased and makes this clear through the voice of Patrice Gélinet, who is responsible for respecting the French language for public organization. In an interview with “Parisien” he announced that the CSA was preparing to unite the owners of the channels next November to remind them of the rules for using the French language. Questionable, misuse of emission titles in English.

The tendency of the English is increasing From the beginning of the school year with the titles of new TV shows: “AcTualiTy” on France 2, “Sorry, I’m getting married” on NRJ 12 or “Punchline” on C8 soon. The public service is not better because the radio side, France Inter provides a “hangover” … However, the CSA, the “guardian” of the French audiovisual landscape, asks that we respect the use of our language, leaning on one 2005 Recommendation . The text recommends the compulsory use of French, the official language of the Republic, on television and radio programs.

Problem: French usage is mandatory but not exclusive! So, program titles – like “The Voice” or “Secret Story” – are trademarks “Can be deposited, registered or used in France without translation”. Public service can not use “scores created by foreign words because there is an equivalent French word for it” … but a direct translation of “the worst journey” for “the worst journey” for Mika Assaiz’s show, which is instantly less trendy for a show on rock!

A practice that extends from cinema to song

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The question is whether or not to put the title in English. This also applies to foreign films displayed on French screens. In 2015, the movie “Trainwreck” (meaning “Punishment”) was translated into French screens by “Crazy Amy” and reached the target and was attractive. And in the field of songwriting, artists know that to break the Atlantic, Shakespeare’s language works better than Moliere’s: singing groups in English can no longer be counted. This brought good luck to Daft, which sold 9.3 million copies of his song “Get Lucky Fed”.

Stopping English Domination: The Quebec Example

The French should be imposed Like in Quebec? It would have been possible to translate “The Voice” program into “La Voix” as Cubes did. The French product wants to keep the original title by adding “very beautiful voice”. The linguistic question at the center of the confirmation of Quebec’s identity since the 1960s has led to the imposition of the French language in a way that is detrimental to English. A series of laws, such as 1969, 1974 and 1977, and a charter in 2004 calmed the debate. Today, Quebec drivers stop at a stop marked “Stop.” They travel by boat, not by boat … They were able to ignore the historical English dominance of creating small linguistic stones, examples of which can be found in the following quiz! Even if they still have their conversations with a few “Americanized” words. Proof that they are “badlock” (unfortunate for “badlock”) just like us, and that they still always need the “outer”. French language.

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Also, what do you think about the proliferation of program titles in English? Can you translate something like Québécois? Take our vote.