April 23, 2024


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The English navy is working with ecologists against Russian LNG carriers

The English navy is working with ecologists against Russian LNG carriers

This was a victory for the British. “Boris Wilkitsky”, LNG carrier Carrying liquefied gas from Russia, it was returned on March 4, 2022 from the port of the Isle of Crane (Kent, England). In France, the event caused controversy among NGOs.

Route change for Russian LNG carriers

Shipyards in the Isle of Crane port, and workers engaged in accommodating the ships, refused to let the Russian ship die in protest of the Russian attack.Ukraine. The LNG carrier finally stopped at the port of Montoir-de-Bretagne near Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique) in France on March 5.

The English workers and their union, United, returned the oil tanker Seacode, which was flying the German flag. The latter is traffic Oil From Russia. According to a newspaper article ProgressThe British government has banned access to its ports by any vessels owned, operated, controlled or registered by a Russian company.

A controversy

Upon his arrival in France, “Boris Wilkitsky” was greeted by activists from the Greenpeace environmental charity. They blame such groups Total energies To feed Climate crisis But the war in Ukraine by continuing to receive supplies from Russia.

According to Green silence The LNG came from the tanker’s cargo base Yamal, The Arctic Peninsula of western Siberia. That appears Total energies 20% shareholder Yamal LNGRussian gas producer and 19.4% shareholder in the Russian group Novatech Yamal gas owns 50% of the field. Generally, Green silence Condemns dependence on Russia as the main supplier of natural gas and oil to the EU in 2018. Eurostat.

I ‘NGO Call the CEO Total energies, Patrick Pouyannné “Immediately abandon all current or future plans regarding Russian rule.” Activists believe that “fossil fuels are financing Vladimir Putin’s war.”

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ExxonMobil, எனி, PP And Shell One after another announced their departure from Russia After the first attacks. In France, Total energies Seems long overdue.