February 26, 2024


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The first new Gran Turismo 7 content confirmed for the April update – GTPlanet

Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo series, confirmed via Social media that will be updated next week, Most likely update April 25will add the first new content to Gran Turismo 7 Since its launch on March 4.

Yamauchi’s post is short and direct, only mentioning “the update is coming next week”, but now includes a “silhouette” of the traditional vehicle we’ve seen used across GT SportLife to provoke the cars coming in the update.

as with GT Sportsound GT7Its first content update will be a three-car zip pack – and it’s not particularly difficult to solve.

In the lower right corner we have the 2021 Subaru BRZ. This will be the third BRZ road car in the world GT7along with two previous models, but this is the second generation version that shares its props with Toyota GR86 Instead of the previous 86 GT.

It’s a car we’ve been expecting to come to the game, thanks to its suggested look in 2022 Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Serial table. However, it’s a little earlier than expected, as the tour won’t be until July.

On top of that is a brother in the form of the Subaru BRZ GT300. Competing in the 2021 Super GT Series, under the leadership of the Sports R&D team, this car took one race win and the overall championship title for Takoto Iguchi and Hideki Yamauchi.

It will be the latest Super GT racing car to be added to the series since then GT Sport1.15 Update Three 2016 machines were added. However, since it’s a lower-tier GT300, relatively similar to the GT3 in terms of speed, we’d expect it to enter the Gr.3 class instead of the GT500’s Gr.2 class.

Finally, there’s a fan-favorite return, with the Kei Suzuki Cappuccino class. The stranger is absent GT Sportdespite the appearance of the class siblings, the cappuccino returns from GT6.

We cannot determine which of two versions of the vehicle – the original 1991 EA11 or the updated 1995 EA21 – both of which were Premium models in GT6so that preserves at least some mystery.

Of course this only reflects what the vehicles are coming for GT7 In the update, not any other content or changes.

Fans will remember Yamauchi’s open letter To the GT community about v1.07 update received badly in which he laid out a short roadmap for GT7. Among the items specifically mentioned in that letter are “the updates posted between now and the end of April that will add new cars and course layouts.”

With the end of April fast approaching, and the April 25 update likely the only chance left, we haven’t yet seen any additional course layouts. This means that this update should bring new layouts, potential variants of circuits already in the game, as well as other fixes and changes.

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