March 1, 2024


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The prototype of the Google Pixel Watch is said to be in a restaurant

tl; DR

  • Pictures of what could be a prototype of the Google Pixel watch have been posted online.
  • The device, which was said to have been left behind in an American restaurant, is very similar to the previously leaked Pixel Watch offerings.
  • The wearable is rumored to debut at Google I/O in May 2022.

In an incident that looks a bit similar to the iPhone 4 model leak more than 10 years ago, Android Central Post pictures of what appears to be a file Google Pixel Watch Prototype. The images come from an anonymous source who claimed to have found the device in a restaurant somewhere in the United States.

The device looks very similar Makes previously leaked From the reported Pixel Watch. According to the anonymous source, the wearable also came with a box stating that the device is for “in-house testing and development only”. He also said that “labeling and packaging are not final.” This means that the final product may have some differences compared to this reported prototype.

Pictures of the black smartwatch seem to show at least one button next to the crown. The source said that the back face of the watch “looks metallic but looks like it has been painted glass”. The person who left this prototype also left behind a blue watch band, which appears to connect directly to the watch case.

It appears that there is no charger left with this prototype, although it is likely that the Pixel Watch will have a charging pad on the back case.