June 18, 2024


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The founding founder Desi learned to make fun of English on LinkedIn

In India, English as a language has never been more than a colonial monument. From the language, it quickly became a tool for giving priority to the community. On social media, this happened with the rise of “Nazi grammars,” and language is now often used as a weapon to refer to class. The latest addition to the English-sticker list is The Minimalist co-founder Sahil Vaidya. However, his classic humor on LinkedIn suffered a setback from other users, who quickly called his vision privileged and arrogant.

The Forbes Under-30 award-winning doctor made a number of comments on the networking platform, pointing out beyond a shadow of a doubt that his position violated the law. LinkedIn users unanimously decided that the first thing to fix in this situation was the doctor’s approach.

One user asked the doctor to correct his attitude and then reported grammatical errors in his post. They concluded by emphasizing that judgment is not necessary “in a diverse and global economy” as long as communication is clear.

Many users have emphasized the same point and deepened the argument with other valid points. Although Forbes was a 30-year-old winner, their responses ranged from insisting that English was not a criterion for intellectualism until it was criticized for taking medicine.

In fact, the discussion spread on Twitter, where a user shared a screenshot of the doctor’s post and wrote, “This person was educated on LinkedIn, how !! “

On this platform, except for the false weavers, the people agreed with the sense of center.

Users discussed the prolonged colonial hangover in India and pointed out the “fainting to colonialism”.

Twitter users also criticized the confusion of language skills with overall intelligence.

Again, the 30-under-30 title attracted some ridicule.

One particular user often criticized the discussed LinkedIn culture, where users used to present themselves as a successful and happy image.

Of course, memes have been created since it was Twitter. The next one praises LinkedIn commentator who trained the doctor.

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User Sreedika Thar’s original Twitter post now has 17,000 likes, more than 2,500 retweets and 188 tweet quotes.

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