April 18, 2024


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English Language: ILA Introduces ILA @ Live Express Online Education Program

The ILA provides scholarships to children in the medical profession who are at the forefront of facing Govt-19
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ILA வ் Live Express, A special online English program.

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The strong development of science and technology has made learning more accessible than ever before. Today, the best universities in the world like Harvard, Columbia, Oxford or Cambridge all offer short-term online training programs for students around the world.

In Vietnam, the ILA English Center has always been a pioneer in the use of modern and advanced educational models. To improve the English level of its students and help them acquire valuable skills internationally, ILA now offers a premium online English program called ILA Live Express with one teacher for four or six students.

Combining more than 20 years of expertise in the field of online learning, ILA @ Live Express offers students a high quality educational experience only through a laptop or smartphone connected to the Internet.

Best results in the short term

Open to children aged 9-16 across the country, the ILA Live Express program is committed to delivering results quickly with one slogan: “Best results in the short term“.

The small number of students per class greatly improves the time spent learning-teacher interaction and learning activities. Subject to a fine, Which promotes skill development and enhances learning outcomes.

In addition, the teaching is customizable, allowing students to learn English anytime anywhere with the help of highly qualified native teachers.

Parents can monitor the progress and quality of learning through a customized monitoring system.

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They can choose the “High Ability” program for their children and integrate the international standard program with the ILA Connect Digital Learning Platform to confidently achieve higher scores on the official and international exams.

Finally, there is the “Fun Reading – Learning for Fun” program, which offers a modern learning method that includes numerous course activities and monthly assessments.

With the introduction of the Platinum program for ILA Live Express, you can try the platform for free to take all three courses. A deduction will be applied for the registration of four learners, of which you will be charged only for three.

Find out more:

Website: https://ila.edu.vn/tieng-anh-truc-tuyen-dac-biet
Phone: 19 00 69 65

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