June 25, 2024


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Voges. Jade Bugnon, De Fries topped the Big Challenge English competition

138 students Hot-Mirte College Have passed Big Challenge, National English Competition Contains 45 vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and etiquette questions that should be answered within 45 minutes. The policy is to promote English learning through a fun educational activity. An integrating event in the organization with unprecedented participants in 2020-2021.

More than two hundred students were rewarded

Each year, during the “Cultural Week” organized at the college, an American-style award ceremony was held to traditionally throw away student hats. Students and English Teaching Committee participating in the Assembly, As well as Mrs. Legomte, primary , And his assistant, Mr. Covit-19 is required, and the ceremonies were divided into several ceremonies in order to respect the existing health protocol. There were 212 students who were rewarded (138 this year and 74 last year), and the 2019-2020 awards ceremony has been canceled due to the epidemic.

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A nice vintage for Hot Mirth College

This year, the biggest winner of the event was Adrian Dolce at 5e And Andy on Channel 3e , Respectively 12e And 17e At the department level. They come in addition to the four biggest winners of 2020: Ilona Gerl (6e ), Lucian Jacquard (5e ), Louis Forward (4e ), 2019-2020 Best Results, and Nathan Ilunga (3)e ).

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The 2021 Qualifying Prize 4 for the effort is awarded to Hugo Kutterote And 2020lo├»se Sadkowski at 4 in 2020e Last year. The other two wins are characterized by candidates with the same surname: Theo Bacchon in 4e And in Jade Bucknon 6e , Winner of this year’s event. The prize for excellence is awarded to the most successful student, Jade Bucknan, with 291.25 points out of 350. For his first participation, he miraculously reached 1There is Ranking at department level and 439e Nationally. So this is a new very satisfying version, which ends at Hot-Mirte College, with amazing results. Reflects the spirit that blows over the competition It should be organized in the establishment. Its purpose is not to cultivate a cult of performance and competition, but rather to cultivate a taste for excellence itself.