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Top 10 English Drivers at the Grand Prix – Slots 6 and 5

Though brilliant nowadays, the English were once number one at the motorcycle Grand Prix. The Anglo-Italian rivalry of the 1950s was the most beautiful introduction to the World Cup, before any media broadcast. In the 70s, the country marked the history of sports most beautifully. Currently, only Italy and Spain perform better in the number of titles. We are back with a new top 10! The time for classification has come.

This chapter follows Part III, Released yesterday. Find the first part that explains the selection rules and criteria Same here.

N ° 6: Leslie Graham

He was the first world champion in history. In fact, “Les” dominated his handles during the 1949 season AJS 500cc “Hedgehog”. Although often forgotten, he was one of the stars of the world in his early days.

Graham’s reputation was also due to his involvement as a pilot in the Royal Air Force during World War II. This 1949 season competed Nello Bagani Often obscuring the rest of his life MV Augusta.

With Cecil Sandford (Previously mentioned in the top 10), he is the first president of the Italian company, but has never won anything with it, often failing on stage. Despite this, he is a winner Isle of Man Tourism Trophy, As well as Ulster Grand Prix, Remarkable thing. This 500cc title gets him a place in this rankings, but it’s hard to go to the top.

D.T.Asen departed in 1950. Completely different era. Photo: Winterbergen / ANEFO

N ° 5: Bill Reid

Keep reading here is not easy. In fact, the battle for fifth to third place continues. The top five stand out the most from other positions, for good reason: they are all multiple 500cc world champions, and one of the best drivers of all time.

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Therefore, we will focus more on the presentation than the presentation. As a reminder, Bill Reed is a magician, he has helped greatly Yamaha to make a name for itself at the Grand Prix.

He won the company’s first title in the 1964 season, in the 250cc category, in tuning forks. M.V. In Augusta (1973, 1974) six wins (!) Followed, including two in the 500cc.. It may have created three in 1975, but the sheer speed of Giacomo Agostini was greater than the speed of Britain. 52 hits and 121 career stages, but a glorious handle stroke Fifth place in the top 10 ?!

Unfortunately, Not read Highwood. Bill has long been in the shadow of his girlfriend and had trouble scattering the image of the “amazing loser” which was eventually not verified. Would have liked a little more than 500cc: despite its two successes, in history, read the rest An expert in small categories.

The fifth may seem like the worst pay, and we offer it to you. But this is the whole complex of exercise! Let us know what you think about friend Bill Reid Where do you get your top 10 spots!

We will meet tomorrow for the expression of N N 4 and n ° 3 locations !

Helmet recognizable in the thousand. Here in 1956 in Yam ‘R.D.56. Photo: Yamaha Community

Cover: Bill Reid (on land) and Renzo Pasolini (n ° 2) in Rimini.