June 18, 2024


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A captivating and intriguing English thriller to watch on the M6

There are four episodes of M6 broadcasts this Thursday, July 22nd What if he is my son?, A British miniseries worth a look and maintains suspense until the final revelation in the final episode. While Great Britain rarely places stars, their cast is always perfect. The cast of this mini-series is no exception with excellent performances Jill Hofffenny And Rupert Benry-Jones, Very relaxed in this intense play.

Actress Jill Hoffney gives the perfect tone to play the couple Walsh, Tom, a mother mourning the death of her child, drowning nine years ago at a family trip. A play that led to the dissolution of his marriage. Although her boyfriend’s body was never found, the couple is experiencing tremendous difficulties in mourning. One day, she thinks she sees him coming out of high school. A young man named Daniel (Cody Molco) looks just like him, with the same small half moon scar under the same eye. It is Tom who believes, he immerses himself in his family life, becomes his music teacher and meets his father Mark, a beautiful widow played by Rupert Benry-Jones. Honestly, the actor translates the ambiguity of his character wonderfully, in which we do not know whether he is an honest man or a better handler.

This compelling plot lays the foundation for a thriller that reveals the viewer’s suspicions. (…)

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