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Top 10 English drivers at the Grand Prix: Slots 4 and 3

Though brilliant nowadays, the English were once number one at the motorcycle Grand Prix. It was the Anglo-Italian rivalry of the 1950s that introduced the World Cup so beautifully, before any media broadcast. In the 70s, the country marked the history of sports most beautifully. Currently, only Italy and Spain perform better in the number of titles. We are back with a new top 10! The time for classification has come.

This chapter follows The fourth part, Released yesterday. Find the first part that explains the selection rules and criteria Same here.

N ° 4: Barry Sheen

Decision making was difficult. Sheen Where According to ? According to Where Sheen ? It is difficult to decide. “Only” with two crowns 500 cc. In his wallet, Barry has surpassed the seven-time world champion.

We are not going to tell you the story of Purana n ° 7 here, which will be the subject of a future article. To summarize this, Barry Sheen An icon, said to be the inventor V motor, Favorite representative of the approach ” Continental Circus Since the 70s.

This is why it ranks fourth. The ranking shows that it is the best and not the most successful. Sheen sits in the most closed group, the best pilots in history. Like Giacomo Agostini, Kenny Roberts Where Valentino Rossi, There was a front and a back Barry Sheen.

Be careful, do not imagine that this is an exotic party animal! Sheen is the double 500cc 1976/1977 champion and please. Connected with Suzuki for eternity he made the team the pinnacle Heron Suzuki UK, Has already been mentioned several times in similar articles.

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Light, on the other hand, should not leave us blind to all of that. The figures are not so much needed, but still weighty. His dominance lasted only two years, and he did not count on so much success in small categories. However, keep in mind that he is the only winner in the 50cc and 500cc.

In 1975 Barry Sheen and Bill Reed discussed together. Sheen is considered to be the last great English pilot in the world. No need to wait for Danny Kent in 2015 for the new title of World Champion! Photo: Lawson Speedway

We cannot avoid his career decision, whether he deserves such a champion, or worse: his rivalry with “King” Kenny Roberts.

Simply put, American rookie taught him a lesson for three years in a row. Such a boxing is rarely offered at this level. For all these reasons, we put Sheen in fourth place, which is already beautiful.

N ° 3: Jeff Duke

All three Read / Sheen / Duke It is difficult to decide, but how not to underline the life of the latter. Of course, her name may be less to you than Sheen, especially due to the period. In the 1950s, it was hard to be a star, though …

Geoff is undoubtedly the first big name in motorcycle Grand Prix history. A true driving legend, we are in the presence of a six-time world champion, including four in the 500cc, in two different brands (Norton And Clara) And in nine years of career.

Duke deserves his full essay, and that too will not be done at any time. In our opinion, English is in a certain middle ground: very good in comparison Bill Reid And Barry Sheen, But much less “big” than the first two are all the same.

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This versatility, these six victories and his glorious status Isle of Man Tourism Trophy Incomparable in history.

The famous Jeff Duke, in Assange in 1951. Photo: ANEFO

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow for the release of the best English driver of all time!