February 25, 2024


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Video.  Meeting with Ekotr Caihe, English teacher and tour guide in Lifou

Video. Meeting with Ekotr Caihe, English teacher and tour guide in Lifou

Whether he is at his college, or in front of the tourists he welcomes in Lifou, Ekotr Caihe knows how to charm. An English teacher is also a guide for cruise passengers passing through the island. An activity he has been carrying out for seven years within the tourism framework of his tribe called “Destination Javililo”.

Cruise passengers passing through Lifou are greeted in English. English teacher and tour guide Egotr Keihe, 38, praises them. He has only 15 minutes to charm them.

A real challenge for this kid from Drehu. “I am really passionate about my culture. And talking about it is very important to me. After that, practice English too. It’s a language I’ve mastered, but I need to develop through exchanges with tourists”, explains Ecodr.

An enthusiast who sings and plays guitar while tourists enjoy the beach. The cruise passengers were quickly won over by their guide. “I found the guide amazing and very informative. He was easy to understand and nice”, declares one of them.

A real sharing moment. “There is an exchange from me, I left Lifo and part of New Caledonia the heart So they leave with this house of wealth. It’s hard, but we have to say goodbye to them”, reveals the guide.

In total, Ekotr introduces its island to an average of 1,000 cruise passengers every month.

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