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How much English should I put on my CV?

How much English should I put on my CV?

By Expat.com, Student PartnerReleased August 31, 2021

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English has become an indispensable skill in the lives of students and workers. You may know how to improve your language status! First, know that even if your level is not professional, it is always important to emphasize proficiency in English. Ignoring this information may harm you in the eyes of employers. However, if you have very low English proficiency and have not practiced for a long time, it is better not to say anything.

English status on your CV: Rate it well

The first step in your business is to be good Evaluate your English level. You may desire to impress yourself Skills But be wary of flashbacks because it will no longer be rare Job interviews To be done In English. An employer can test you too Language proficiency By passing you by Character selection If there is a lie about your condition, the embarrassment will be huge.

When doing your self-assessment, keep that in mind speak English The holiday system has nothing to do with A Professional English This may require specific terms and may not be found. If possible, do not hesitate to ask for the help of a personal purpose that will help you find your position more accurately.

For greater reliability, and because some companies use English on a daily basis, you a Official language test As TOEIC And this TOEFL. It is possible that employers need it, such as foreign higher education institutions that run students International Movement. If TOEIC Or TOEFL Remember to mention the date you took and the marks you got if they were good! Taking the specified exams has two benefits, allowing you to edit the language and present yourself in more detail and reliability Profile.

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English status on your CV: Formatting

It & # 39; s important to be specific to your CV and avoid omitting words such as “. opinions », Read, write and speak “Or” School level It ultimately gives you a little idea of ​​your true status. Use the words ” Professional English », Bilingual “Where” Fluent English .

The bilingual use of a language is reserved for those who have lived in the mother tongue, paternal language or for a limited period of time. English speaking country.

Professional English You can now work in your field and not be disabled by the use of English.

Fluent English Without a better command in English you can get on a daily basis.

You can specify if your level is low ” At the intermediate level “Where” Incomplete professional status .

If you have the opportunity to integrate your English training for a longer period of time Travel abroad Or English is one of you mother language Do not hesitate to get it because your recipient Profile You may feel that your position is slightly lower than what you specified in terms of policy due to the many who exaggerate themselves.

English Level in His CV: Location

If you do not know where to put it Language status, Many options are available to you. English will be more or less important depending on your CV recipient. If you are applying for one International Movement Then it may be necessary to highlight it Fluent in one language By providing a specific area. On the other hand, if you believe it English language Will only be secondary, so you can add another subtype e.g. Information can be added to “Skills”.

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