June 18, 2024


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The French learn English better through streaming films than at school

According to a survey conducted by Yukov, 72% of French people believe that school English is not useful to them as adults.

“Oh God”. This is news that does not please all parents. This is a published survey Berlitz France Unicorn (Language and Cultural Communication Specialist), carried out online in the Privacy Group Yukov From June 18 to 21, 2021, it was conducted with a sample of 1010 representatives of the French population. According to the mentioned percentages, watching movies in the original version would be more effective in learning English than learning lessons in school. The statistics speak for themselves: almost three-quarters of the surveyed French population believe that school is not useful for adults, and 40% of them firmly believe it. These are called sites “In streaming” Like Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube, it won the Shakespeare Language Learning Gold Award.

A control that becomes a hobby

For more than one in two French people (56%), these sites “One of the three channels where the French feel they are learning English well”, Related to the investigation. 18-24 year olds reaching new heights: 77% of them share this feeling.

Now these French people now believe that they can improve their English a lot through videos, movies and series. As the survey points out, several factors explain these figures. English learning is becoming more and more passive due to the great expression of the language in public places. This learning has also changed: “It’s not considered a barrier anymore, but for entertainment”, Fill out the survey

Useful social networks to learn English

Many parents struggle to prevent their teenager from tapping frantically on their smartphone. However, social networks, according to the survey, are the most active way for people aged 18-24 to learn English, as Twitter, Twitch and Tic Tac Toe allow them to interact with the international community easily and quickly. “While streaming sites are the best way for them to learn English, 70% of 18-24 year olds report social networking as one of the first three channels they learn English.”, We observe in the survey. Overall, 38% of French people share this feeling.

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50% of them improve their quality in this way, 42% through paper and digital press and 25% on video games, so TV cannot be surpassed.

Englishization of French sections

“I have a call with my boss”, “I’ll send you an email”, “Is that you soon?” The French love English with enthusiasm. One only has to ask to realize it: Conversations abound in English. Barbarism for some, everyday language for others, there is no consensus on this style: “30% of French people oppose the use of English in everyday life (including 17% very opposed) and say the practice is encouraging.” In contrast, 15%, or half the number, use English regularly in their daily lives, and 5% of them use it frequently.

This number is reversed when it comes to 18-24 year olds. Only 13% of them are useless in using current Anglicans, of which only 4% are very ineffective. 29% of these young people use English in their daily lives. “A difference that can be re-explained here by greater exposure to language and the standardization of Franklis.”