April 24, 2024


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English pubs suffer from scarcity

Distribution problems have been plaguing British companies for months.

ANear supermarkets and restaurants, UK pubs are plagued by shortages, some of the country’s biggest chains have run out of beer, and Brexit and Corona have been plagued by distribution problems due to the virus infection.

Distribution problems have been plaguing British companies for months. They are the result of both the epidemic of stressing the expulsion of foreign workers and Brexit, which complicates the entry of workers from the EU into the United Kingdom, especially truck drivers from Eastern European countries.

“We’re having delivery issues and some pubs don’t have Carling and Coors beer,” Eddie Gershon, a spokeswoman for one of Britain’s largest chains, told AFP.

A spokesman for the group assured: “We believe that most liquor stores are now fully stocked, but may be without some brands in a few days and will be distributed in the next few days.” Brexit Pro Levels.

Molson Coors, who produces the two beers in question, pointed to a “shortage of truck drivers,” which has affected “like many others” in the liquor and pub industry, and the company is “constantly working” on the problem.

According to Weatherspoon, the social movement of drivers working on behalf of its largest supplier, Heineken, also affected the Dutch liquor manufacturer’s supply, and consumption shifted to other beers served at its pubs.

Distribution issues have recently plagued iconic brands such as McDonald’s, whose customers lost milkshakes or drinks or KFC, and had to remove certain items from its menu. In industry, automobile factories had to take breaks from production due to lack of electronic components.

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