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This article was published in the journal Lancet Regional Health Europe, Describes in detail the spread of the “English” (alpha) variant of SARS-CoV-2 within the city of Nice.Year (A year is a unit of time that expresses the time between two events in an event …) 2021. Researchers analyzed sewage from about 20 points City (A city is an urban unit (a “human settlement” …) By Sorting (In biochemistry, sorting involves determining the linear sequence …) Of RNA. This allowed me to draw a map of the composition in the various variants that currently exist Territory (The concept of landscape is of great importance in geography and especially …. Such approaches could provide valuable epidemiological information in the future.

The Gene (A gene is a set of genetic material of an individual or … Of Virus (A virus is a biological entity that needs a host cell, it uses it …) SARS-CoV-2 contains about 30,000 ribonucleotides. Advances in sorting methods have enabled scientists to measure the size of the virus and determine the nature of any species to identify different types of SARS-CoV-2 virus in Nice city sewage. With the virus detected in the feces of infected individuals, scientists wanted to see if measurements made in the sewage from different parts of a city could reflect what was happening. Surface (A surface usually refers to the surface layer of an object. So, check out what’s going on in the networksHealth (Hygiene is a process by which people can live …) It can give a complete picture of what is happening in the whole population, and can screen both symptomatic and asymptomatic people.

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With the help of services City (A metropolis (from the Greek mater, Thai and police, city) main city …) In Nice, researchers collected sewage from 20 different districts of the city. This made it possible to check the correctness Correspondence (Correspondence is usually an extended mail exchange. Between what was measured at the base and what clinical biologists saw during individual tests for patients. It will be able to gather very accurate information about different types of variations from the end of 2020, which will allow to identify very quickly the presence of “at risk” variations in specific districts of the city.

This sequence emerged last January as an expression of a specific variation of the alpha line in one of the city’s districts. This variant was detected in less than 2% of all B.1.1.7 viruses, but it spread rapidly throughout the city. Month Month Since February. Other types of concern (B.1.351, P.1) were found in some neighborhoods, but always to a lesser extent Frequency (In physics, frequency usually refers to the number of times the scale …). A comparison with individual clinical samples collected in the same week demonstrated good correspondence between wastewater sequencing and individual tests because these 2 approaches identified the same lineage.

Sewage sorting has made it possible to more accurately document the diversity of SARS-CoV-2 strains in different environments, especially in some with high virus levels. Average (Average is a statistical measure that characterizes the components of a set.) Measured. The advantage of this sequencing technique is that they can follow the evolution of the virus faster than the PCR approaches to the extent that new kits need to be installed with the new primers.Multiplication (We are talking about a power amplifier for a growing full range of systems …) Whenever new variations appear. Considering the improvement in deployment, it is assumed that the PCR will be replaced soon. Day (Day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset; it is … By sorting.

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This general approach to wastewater analysis is compatible with viruses other than SARS-CoV-2 and allows for complete monitoring of the population, even in a large city. All (Fully understanding existence is the world or most … This is at a very reasonable cost. It could be one Tool (An instrument is the end product of an organism used for its augmentation …) “Micro-epidemiology” can be very effective in monitoring the spread of pathogens in an area during epidemics and / or epidemics.

Evolution of the percentage of alpha variation compared to SARS-CoV-2 Amount (Quantity is a general term in metrology (number, size); a measurement, …) Total virus. Measurements were made by sorting between December 2020 and February 2021, showing the spread of this variation within the city of Nice. Since he was not initially in December, he was identified in a nearby areaWhere is (West is a cardinal point, facing east. This is the direction …) In the city in January, and throughout the city in February.
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Monitoring SARS-CoV-2 Variations Wastewater Nanobor Deployment in Nice Environments.

Geraldine Rios, Carolyn Laux, Viennie Leklerk, Anna Diamond (Diamond is a mineral made of carbon (graphite and …, Govin Lefricond, Adele Lazuka, Emmanuel Soex, Sebastien Lacroix, Julian Fossie, Aurily Cousnon, Richard Theory, Bernard Marie, Christian Frauder, Rainer Waldman, Pascal Barbary.
The Lancet Regional Health Europe (Europe is a land, it is a …. August 16, 2021 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lanepe.2021.100202

Company Pharmacology (Pharmacology is the scientific branch of biology, the subdivision of biology, which is …) Molecular and Cellular (IBMC) and Company (A company is a permanent organization created for a specific purpose. It is …) Intermediate (Intermediate work integrates ideas from different fields.) On Artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence or cognitive computer is “searching for instructions …) C டிte d’Azur (3IA C டிte d’Azur, University (A university is a higher education institution, the purpose of which … Code de Azure / CNRS) – 660, Path (The word “road” comes from the Latin (via) rupta, meaning “way …” Fireflies. F06560 Sofia Antipolis (Sofia Antipolis is a Technopolis located in a pine forest covering an area of ​​2,400 hectares …).

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Pascal Barbry – Seeker (A researcher (female researcher) appoints a person to work …) CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research, known by its abbreviated CNRS, is the largest …) Barbary at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (IPMC) – ipmc.cnrs.fr

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