June 25, 2024


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The language endures, the experience worthwhile and unforgettable

The language endures, the experience worthwhile and unforgettable

“I am“Travels make young,” says the saying. But travel is beneficial for people of all ages and allows them to learn or deepen another language. What the French really need Last November, Education First (EF), a company specializing in language travel, found that they are lagging far behind in terms of English proficiency.

According to this world ranking, which analyzes the English skills of more than 2 million non-native speakers in 111 countries and regions of the world, France fell. 34th place (vs. 31st in 2021), behind Italy and Spain. The top three are the Netherlands, Singapore and Austria.

However, mastery of English is essential, certainly for travel, as it is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world, but especially in a professional environment. Even though English is now taught from primary school, it is not always enough. According to data reported by EF, an adult whose first language is not English needs at least 600 hours of quality instruction and 600 hours of speaking practice to speak English well at work. To do this, there is no such thing go abroad To fully immerse yourself.

“If I could, I would have gone earlier”

It doesn’t just apply to English! Today, 36-year-old David can attest to that. After taking Italian courses in college and high school, he moved to Sicily for a year during his university studies as part of the Erasmus program, an exchange of students from around the world. He returned to French/Italian bilingualism and had the opportunity to improve his English, which he spoke a lot when he was not fully fluent in Italian. Not forgetting to slip a few words of Spanish and German into his vocabulary.

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“A few years ago I got a job in an international company thanks to my Italian and English level”, explains this recruitment manager, who is able to communicate with his colleagues from all over the world. , from Finland , to India, via Poland and America, and of course Italy!

Fifteen years after this experience, he still feels like returning to it. “If I could, I would have gone earlier. Maybe a little further”, assures the 30-year-old who wanted to spend some time across the Atlantic.

EF is everywhere for everyone

It won’t be too late. New York, San Francisco, San Diego, but also Honolulu in Hawaii… Many major American cities (but not only!) are on the list of 54 campuses where EF offers language trips in a dozen different languages ​​(English, Spanish). , Italian, Japanese…). Among the most popular destinations are the United States, England, Canada, Spain, Japan, or even Australia The language is Maltese.

Places accessible to all ages. With nearly sixty years of experience, the Institute offers educational accommodation to suit the needs of teachers and students of all levels from 14 years of age to primary, secondary or university, summer camps, diploma courses, secondary, university and postgraduate. , going as an au pair for 18-26 year olds, not to mention professional training, is dedicated to people over 25 who want to improve their lives by learning a language abroad for between 2 and 52 weeks, thanks to their co-financing Personal Training Account (CPF). For those who don’t know What to do after graduationEF also has a solution!

Friends for life

Programs that have proven their worth. Those who have attended speak best of it. Eric Juder’s daughter, Luna, moved to New York for 3 weeks in 2018 at age 15 with EF. “He had this fascination with America and he chose his destination by himself. We looked a lot, compared to the competitors, read the forums and we had a lot of faith in the system. We were completely committed and right. It was wonderful. I was very relieved and relieved. . She has progressed to a level of insanity,” believes the actor.

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Clemence Bodinot, Miss France 2020, left her native Guadeloupe to move to Miami in 2014 after graduating high school at the age of 17. “I had the impression that I could speak English, but when I got there, I realized that it wasn’t really the case,” explains this good student, who initially had to leave for six months, with a smile. , but who decided to extend it. Three months, confirmed by experience. “Thank you to EF for such a fluent English proficiency,” he says with satisfaction today. Today, he is proud of his C1 level (experience). Manage her speech in English when she competes in Miss Universe 2021.

In addition to their excellent command of English, the two young women had decisive encounters during these trips. “Her friends came from all over the world, and Luna is still in touch with them today,” enthuses Eric Judor.

“I’m lucky to live in a roommate with a German, a Dutch and a Portuguese,” explains Clemens Bodino, who sees them as often as possible. “We have been friends for almost 8 years and live this friendship from a distance, between borders. It’s magic!”. As evidence, in 2022, he celebrated his 25th birthday with them in Germany.