June 19, 2024


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The main sponsor of England women’s football is doubling its stake

The Premier League announced on Wednesday that it was extending its sponsorship agreement with Barclays Bank from 2022-2025, but above all it was a new agreement concluded between the English Federation (FA) and the same Barclays for the development of women’s football. .

The latest deal, announced on Wednesday, will see English football’s partner pay 30 30 million (மில்லியன் 35 million) over the next three seasons from 2001, double its current investment.

The auspicious year for English women

In detail, the City of London Bank will extend its naming agreement signed in 2019 with the Women’s Super League (WSL), the English Elite Championship. She will receive her first title at the Women’s Championship, the Women’s D2, and will increase her contribution to amateur women’s football. The exact distribution of sums between these different items is not yet known.

According to WSL, 2018-2019 will be a good year for the entire professional, 2021 economy. Last March, the FA announced a record broadcasting agreement with Sky Sports and the BBC (more than 9 million a year for the period 2021-2024).

“Better from the bottom of the pyramid to the top of women’s football”

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Kelly Smith, former England international striker

“It’s absolutely great for women’s football from the bottom of the pyramid to the top.”, Former international striker Kelly Smith, quoted by BBC Sport. “The money Barclays is giving will really help thousands and thousands of women find it difficult. It will help identify and train young players, especially locally.”, Adds a former achiever to exam goals who were fired by Ellen White a few weeks ago.

No financial details were provided in the Premier League deal, in which Barclays has not been a “title sponsor” since 2016, but has been an “official banking partner”. The current contract involves paying around ten million pounds a year.

When Barclays was the name of the Premier League (2001-2016), they paid up to £ 40m (€ 47m) a year. In comparison, Uber Eats, named after La Ligue 1 until 2024, pays M 15m to LFP this season, while the French Football Confederation receives M 1m a year from the D1’s Archema.

The women’s euro tournament will be held in the UK from July 6 to 31.