July 22, 2024


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Limousine Englishmen missed family celebrations

Limousine Englishmen missed family celebrations

Many Englishmen from the limousine regularly travel back and forth between France and their country of birth. But now that the infection has started again and the procedures for crossing the canal have become stricter, some of them are unable to celebrate Christmas with their families.

Sitting at a table in a restaurant in Saint-Pardoux, an English couple living in Haute-Vienne did not hide their sadness. According to them, the family can not return to England to celebrate Christmas, “We miss our grandchildren so much.”John agrees.

As for rituals, they are in order, but for them, as Leslie explains, there is another concern. He is English and lives in the field “The problem is, we’ll always be stuck. If we can not come and go, what do we do?”

Some people like Belly take this risk. But if you do not want to stay at the airport you should not forget anything. In six different sheets to be provided.

Administrative procedures are not enough. From this Saturday, you too must be in English or have a compelling reason to go there. Neil and his daughter leave alone because the boy’s mother is French, and Christmas is not a compelling reason.

This tightness to enter the UK also has an effect on the number of flights (valid for entry into France). This Sunday afternoon, the flight to England was the third busiest.

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