20 Ideas for English Names for a Boy
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Want a name with British accents for your little boy? Here are 20 ideas for English first names to inspire you.

Figuring out your baby’s first name can sometimes be a real challenge. For uninspired parents, here are 20 boy names that will inspire those looking for a name of English origin for their little boy.

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  1. Andrew Derived from the Greek word “andros” which can be translated as man or virility
  2. Arnold Means eagle or governor
  3. Arthurmeans “king of bears”, “king of warriors” or “bear-man”
  4. ChatDerived from the Celtic word “cat”, meaning “fight”.»
  5. Charles Derived from the Latin first name “Carolus”, which in turn comes from the Germanic “Karl”, meaning “man”.
  6. Charlie A descendant of the first name Charles.
  7. CroreMeans “helpful” or “useful” in French
  8. Colin is an abbreviation of Nicholas, derived from the Greek “Nicolas”, meaning “victory of the people”.
  9. Dustin, a first name of Scandinavian origin. It is a derivative of “thorsta”, which means “thor’s stone” in French.
  10. Dylan Of Welsh origin, meaning “great sea»
  11. Gavin, of Welsh descent. It means “subterranean hawk”.
  12. Jacob means “who will follow” or in Arabic “ya’qob” means “God supported or protected”
  13. Jackmeans “protect”
  14. James A derivative of the Latin first name Jacobus and meaning “God supported and protected him.”
  15. KeithmeaningTree, forest»
  16. Marvin A derivation of the first name “Merfin” of Celtic origin, which, depending on the translations, means “famous” or “friend of the sea”.
  17. RayMeaning “counselor” or “guardian”.
  18. Shirleymeaning Sunny Meadow »
  19. Shawnmeans “God is Merciful”
  20. William , a derivative of the first name Guillaume. It comes from the word “bow” which means “bow” and “helm” can be translated as “helmet”.
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