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Clearly considered the international language of trade, English is the official language of more than 75 countries and is spoken by more than 2 billion people. Professionals, aeronautics, trade, etc.: It is necessary to learn from experts in all fields. Whether looking for a job or growing a business, mastering English is an asset that can make all the difference.

Language training: The importance of English in the professional world

In the context of increasing globalization, English is considered the first language in many fields such as technology, science and business. Companies are becoming increasingly internationalized and it is almost impossible to find a job without mastering English. In fact, proficiency in this language is one of the most sought after criteria for employers. On the other hand, English allows you to take advantage of the best opportunities And provides access to interesting locations around the world.

In addition, understanding, speaking, reading and writing English is a real benefit for business leaders. This language is essential to grow internationally and enhance the reputation of the company. In fact, English is an important component in strengthening your communication and marketing strategies, allowing you to reach a larger audience and improve your revenue.

In addition, true Proficiency in business language Provides you with access to a large amount of information and sensitive data in anticipation of economic developments. By mastering this language, you will be able to conduct comprehensive and relevant market research, competitive insights, etc.

However, many professionals have not yet mastered English easily. This indicates a real defect in the development of their functions. Today, English training is accessible to all. For example, it is possible to follow a Professional English training On dedicated sites.

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Learning English training

The place of English in various fields of activity

English occupies an important place in many industries. Here are some.

English for Business

It should be noted that the dominance of English in the world is mainly due to the emergence of the Internet and the proliferation of trade between European and North American companies internationally. In the business world, It is very important to have good verbal fluency in English For many reasons.

On a practical level, for example, because you speak English well, you will be more effective in negotiations. Also, starting an online business is now a fashionable and especially positive practice for gaining new customers and improving sales. Creating an e-store often involves translating content into English to allow each user to understand the specifics of your products and / or services.

English in the field of aeronautics

Fluent English speaking is also essential in the field of astronomy. In aviation, ICAO requires fluency in English for air traffic controllers, pilots and all flight crew members. Communication is systematically established in this language field. One of the essential English proficiency requirements for pilots is, among other things, obtaining a flight license. This is usually done after passing the English exam for air travel.

In addition, FCL.055 qualification requires the European Civil Aviation Agency or EASA. To qualify, it is necessary to have an average of all skills during control: Pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, communication, structure, fluency and flow.

Many airlines currently require Level 5. However, Level 4. It is quite possible to train as a pilot. Keep in mind that most English levels in the field of aeronautics need to be constantly updated. For example, Level 4 needs to be updated every 4 years, while Level 5 updates are done every 5 years. Level 6, however, is now offered for life.

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English in the profession

At a time when the French industry is globalized, learning English was a real obligation. Regardless of the specifics of their operation (agro-food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, etc.), businesses must continue to work with international clients. Their turnover is mostly exports.

Despite the important place occupied by the English in the professional environment, France lags behind other European countries. France has weak language skills and is ranked 35th in the EF EPI (First Education) English Scholarship Index internationally. This is a real weakness of the French industry, especially in terms of energy and exports. Honestly, Language failures can slow the progress of projects And lead to misunderstandings between suppliers, partners, customers and the company.

English Learning: How to Choose a Lesson?

Professional English specialization is increasingly needed by companies, especially companies operating overseas. Many online sites offer you the opportunity to train yourself or your team in learning this language. The choice of English language training should be based on various criteria including the quality of the training, the field of activity and the level of the learner.

Learning English

Quality training

The selected training program will allow you to acquire specific vocabulary for your activity and interact at different levels. The training, however, is generally based on some simple but effective principles: Use your English level improvement, goal and embracing support in general, Use of modern and up-to-date resources, professional environment (role plays, presentations, tutorials, etc.) …

Practice according to your needs

Of course, you need to take into account your level and goals for choosing your workout. Business English courses will help you gain good professional English speaking skills. At the end of the training, you should introduce yourself, understand the recorded audio documents and participate in the conversation. It should allow you to spell the lessons correctly and to understand different accents.

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Whether it is individual or small group subjects you have the opportunity to take them on a dedicated campus or directly to a company. At your convenience, you can choose to follow the training face to face or remotely.

Training to fit your activity

It should be noted that professional English is very different from the English learned in school. Although the rules of grammar remain the same, the practice is very different. The lexical field and semantic constructions should be modified to suit the field of operation. In this sense, the chosen training should correspond to your professional activity.

Additionally allow to integrate Linguistic basics required for various professional tasks, Subject to certain certificates including proficiency in English, BULLATS, BEC and TOEIC. The latter tests the candidate’s ability to work in an English-speaking professional environment.

Coaching or coaching your teams in professional English is more than a priority for professionals and companies in all fields. Not only does it open many doors for you, but understanding, speaking and knowing business language allows you to grow your activity and your reputation globally.