June 18, 2024


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Death of Moe Hatter, the most talented English thriller

She is so talented – and beautiful! – Writers of English thrillers. His new book, “Prey”, reunites with two characters – Commissioner Jack Kafferi and Sergeant Flay Marley of the Underwater Research Division – and recalls the past of a strange man. A Black Plot, Dark Twists and a Heavy Circle: Moe Hatter’s novels are as sticky as Somerset Sky. This is his seventh novel after “Birdman”, “Tokyo”, “Ridual” and “Skin”. Former Japanese foreman, former schoolteacher, former security guard, he began writing in 2000. Since then, success has never left her.

Lisa Gardner is the author of Polaris, which does not rest on its laurels

The BibleOhbs Your new book, “Breeze” (English: “Gone”) fits its sequel, doesn’t it?

Mo Hader. Yes. After “Ridual” and “Skin”, the story takes on scattered texts of various destinies. In the first two books, I laid the foundations, and at the end of the “prey” for other books, there are other ways to float and open.

There is a continuing character in your books: it is Walker. This oscillation, which appears and disappears randomly, gains importance. Is he the real hero?

I think so. In fact, I title the whole series: “Walkers Soap Opera”, because he is the character that is the link between all the books. He once committed one of the worst crimes you can imagine. It’s innovation, little by little

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